Crossbows from X-BOW

X-Bow crossbows are the perfect model for ambitious beginners and advanced crossbow shooters.  Whether you choose a pistol crossbow, a compound crossbow or a recurve crossbow is irrelevant, X-Bow offers all these models.

Top sellers like the Guillotine or optical eye-catchers like the Red Hornett offer the shooters value for money. X-Bow uses plastic composites and aluminium in its crossbows, making the crossbow models particularly impact-resistant and torsion-resistant.  A distinguishing feature of many X-Bow models is the length-adjustable shaft. This is an enormous advantage, especially for larger shooters. ####

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Solid materials and high performance

But not only the quality but also the quantity plays an important role with X-Bow. X-Bow crossbows are very suitable for crossbow beginners and hobby shooters, but also the price-conscious crossbow athlete will have his joy with it.  Whether recurve or compound crossbow for every shooter who wants a high-quality and powerful crossbow right from the start, X-Bow can supply the right one. These crossbows are of good quality and offer a very good price/performance ratio.
 Models like the X-Bow Titan reach a speed of 380 feet per second (fps) with a draw weight of 200lbs. The performance readiness of the crossbow models is complemented by visually appealing designs.

X-Bow compound and recurve crossbows at BSW-Archery

Your crossbow will come to you the way you want it to.  Depending on your ambition, you can get each crossbow in a set. We will send you your crossbow already set and shot in with a scope of your own choice, adapted to your expectations.  The crossbows usually come with protective goggles, a quiver and carrying straps from the factory. You can find everything you need to know about crossbow accessories in our online shop.  We have all replacement parts in stock and will keep them in stock for a long time.

X-BOW - And the name says it all. This is not only the English term for the typical name of a crossbow. Just mentioning the name makes enthusiastic crossbow shooters listen attentively and pay close attention. Because what many owners of an X-BOW crossbow already know, you will certainly soon find out.

Under the name X-BOW BSW-Archery offers you a large selection of crossbows, which is aimed both at beginners and advanced crossbow shooters. Attractive materials and convincing workmanship make this brand the first choice for price-conscious crossbow buyers.

Most popular X-BOW beginner crossbows

X-BOW makes it easier for you to find the best crossbow for you. An extensive and wide range of various crossbow models are waiting for you. Together with X-BOW and BSW-Archery, you get the perfect start into crossbow sports.

One of the most popular beginner crossbows is clearly the compact recurve crossbow X-BOW Jag-One. Because of the great demand, the successor, the X-BOW Jag-II, was not long to come. The indestructible recurve technology, the favourable purchase price, as well as the unsurpassed workmanship in this price class, make both models the best choice for crossbow beginners and hobby shooters equally.

Why should I buy the X-BOW crossbows?

But if you're not satisfied with just any crossbow and want to get right into it, then the best thing to do is to choose the X-BOW power packs. Because X-BOW knows how to convince not only in the small crossbow but also in this segment.

With its extensive range of compound and recurve crossbows, X-BOW has succeeded in convincing both price-conscious beginners with low-priced models such as the X-BOW Jag-One and advanced crossbow experts with the performance of the X-BOW flagship models such as the X-BOW Accelerator. This balancing act can only be achieved by very few. At BSW-Archery we know that too. Out of this conviction, we have chosen some X-BOW jewellery and put together some special offers for you

Start immediately with the X-BOW crossbow specials

These specials include a pre-assembled and shot-in X-BOW crossbow including an extensive accessory set. We would like you to remember the first contact with your new X-BOW for a long time to come. Therefore every single crossbow is professionally mounted and shot by our trained staff. Nothing stands in the way of the first shot.

Which X-BOW Special do you choose? With the X-BOW Scorpion I and X-BOW Scorpion II you have real all-rounders at your disposal. The two X-BOW models are quite compact and convince with good arrow speeds of approx. 370 fps. If you want to get right into the high-end range of crossbows, you should take a closer look at the slightly larger X-BOW guillotine. The martial name already suggests some facts. Because with a draw weight of 185 lbs and a bolt speed of approx. 400 fps the crossbow truly belongs to the upper class.

But no matter which special-set or crossbow from the X-BOW assortment you finally like and will convince you. You can expect a crossbow that will overwhelm you both in its workmanship and in the performance it delivers. Many satisfied buyers have already been carried away by X-BOW crossbows. Let us convince you, together with BSW-Archery, of the uniqueness of the X-BOW models.

Compact X-BOW Pistol crossbows

Beginners who want to get a taste of the world of crossbows for little money should take a closer look at the X-BOW pistol crossbows. These compact representatives of a crossbow offer you for comparatively little money a lot of fun and an instructive insight where the journey together with X-BOW may take you.

Have a look at the X-BOW Cobra MX or the brand new X-BOW Alligator. These two pistol crossbows will captivate you not only with an unbeatable price but much more with solid workmanship and impressive performance.

For this reason, it almost goes without saying that we also offer these two top pistol crossbows in attractive special sets. You can buy both the X-BOW Cobra MX and the X-BOW Alligator at an attractive price with lots of accessories.

What is an X-BOW pistol crossbow?

What does a pistol crossbow have in common with a pistol? The name relates to the pistol is no coincidence. Because not only the size of the crossbow but also the way of shooting a pistol crossbow comes very close to that of a pistol. In contrast to the large representatives of a crossbow, the pistol crossbow is not placed over a shoulder rest on the shoulder and held with two hands, but is aimed at the target with the arm stretched out. So similar to a pistol.

A simple rear sight and front sight mount or the use of a red dot sight are suitable for aiming. These aiming devices are to be used optimally with the typically stretched arm position.Riflescopes, as you know them from rifles or big crossbows, are not recommended. These sights must be placed directly in front of the eye so that the crosshairs are clearly visible. However, this condition cannot be combined with the typical posture when using a pistol crossbow.

Find and buy X-BOW accessories

In addition to the actual crossbows, X-BOW also offers you a wide range of various accessories. Would you like to reserve various replacement and wear parts for your crossbow? That is no problem. Are you looking for a crossbow crank, a rope cocking device or a mounting quiver as well as a string damper to load and unload your X-BOW crossbow? Also in these cases X-BOW helps you out. You can find the assortment at BSW-Archery.

All-round advice at BSW-Archery

I'm sure you still have one or two questions. That is not a problem. Our crossbow and archery experts are at your disposal at any time via our Support-Center. You can also visit our YouTube channel or our FAQs in advance. Here you will find valuable tips and tricks as well as understandable explanations of technical terms.