Wooden arrows

A natural product with a long tradition

In most ancient cultures wood was used as arrow material. Even at the beginning of the last century, when archery was rediscovered and became a popular sport, arrows were made exclusively of wood. The wooden arrow is as old as the history of the bow. Only with the modern capabilities of arrow production in recent times have products made of carbon, aluminium and fibreglass been introduced to the market.

Today, wooden arrows are used especially in traditional archery, e.g. with a longbow. When shooting with modern recurve or compound bows, aluminium, carbon or a mixture of both materials is preferred. Ultimately, the arrow must match the bow and the shooter in order to "achieve" an optimal hit pattern.

Wooden arrows in beautiful designs

Wooden arrows are available in a wide range of materials and designs. Here you have the opportunity to give your enjoyment in the appropriate visual expression. Do you like it a bit more eye-catching? How about cresting, for example? With cresting, the wooden shafts are covered with a patterned plastic foil, which is available in various colours and patterns in our online shop for you to choose from. Cresting, for example, gives a simple spruce arrow a very unusual look. If you, like many traditional shooters, would like to make your arrows yourself, you can find the complete material and equipment for it at BSW-Archery. Our product range includes an extensive selection of wooden shafts, feathers, points, nocks, crestings and other accessories.

Wooden arrows - made to measure arrows from our own arrow workshop

Would you like to have your wooden arrows made according to your ideas? Our experienced arrow makers will be happy to create your custom-made arrow with great attention to detail and the best quality. Every year about 300,000 arrows leave our factory. Each arrow is a handmade Unique, consisting of a high-quality, hand spun wooden shaft, which was examined for cracks, reflex tested and aligned. Depending on the type and draw weight of your bow, you determine the shaft thickness, spine and type of wood as well as the arrow length. There are many options available for the form and colour of the feather, the type and colour of the nock and the arrowhead. With a colour-coordinated thread winding your arrow gets another individual touch.

For collectors and amateur historians our wooden arrows in fantasy or medieval style are probably interesting. For example, our wooden arrow "Legolas", "Medieval" or "Raptor Old Style" might be exactly the design you want. The latter was used in the Til Schweiger movie "1 ½ Knight". Already after a few days you can hold your desired arrow in your hands from the arrow manufacture of BSW-Archery and experience an archery adventure with it.