Bow visors at BSW-Archery

Visors - hit the target with the confidence

When shooting with a rifle you need a rear sight and a front sight to aim at the target. Also in professional archery, a targeting aid is used. What the grain is for the rifle is the bow sight for the bow. There are various grades of these for various purposes.

Whereas an archer can achieve satisfactory results in his recreational time with a solid mid-range visor, high-quality high-end archery visors are essential for professional bow sports and tournaments.

Bow visors

Such visors should be easily adjustable, but at the same time have maximum stability. The visor must not be adjusted by the vibrations emitted by the arrow, bow and string during shooting. The stronger the bow, the more adjustable it should be. Compound bow shooters, in particular, depend on accurate and precise fine-tuning for bow visors.

Visors for Compound - Peep Sight, Scope and Pin Visor

Athletes who work with a compound bow have more options in terms of sights and should use them. Especially in archery tournaments, where a precise shot pattern is essential, a compound shooter without an excellent visor is almost lost.

Pin visors may be used with up to five pins in various disciplines. These pins are fixed for each distance. The more pins used, the easier it is for the archer to estimate the distance in between. Pins are available in several colours or as illuminated pins, benefiting not only personal preference. This makes it easier to keep the small rods in the pin sight apart. Bow visors for compound bows also include a scope. This magnification aid is additionally equipped with a small water level, which ensures that the shooter can hold his bow optimally in the balance and an angle of inclination is avoided.

In contrast to the recurve bow, the Peep Sight may also be shot on a compound bow. This additional aiming aid is attached to the string. The archer looks through the hole at the crosshairs. If the compound shooter wants to shoot at long distances, he may even use a magnification.