Targets for archery

Discover a wide range of targets at BSW-Archery

Arrows,  bows and crossbows belong to the oldest shooting equipment in the history of mankind. In the past, they were used for hunting or in military conflicts, but today such items only have the character of sports equipment. Archery is fun and pure fascination - a relaxing sport in which body and mind are in harmony. Try it out! You can find the right equipment at BSW-Archery.

Target for archery - Which one is the right one?

The range of accessories for the bow or crossbow is very extensive. The selection of targets alone is remarkably large and the various versions are required. Not every target is suitable for every shooter. While for the hobby shooters simpler and cheaper solutions are sufficient, the experienced sport shooter will prefer high quality products, which are mainly used in competition or training. At BSW-Archery you will find a wide selection of suitable products, ranging from the simple straw target to the target with animal motif to 3D animals in various sizes and forms.

With one goal in mind

Classic straw targets are often already printed with a ring motif. Modern targets are usually printed with a robust paper target layer with rings or animal motives. In competitions, the age of the shooter, the bow discipline and the competition distance determine the type, shape and size of the target.

A particularly appealing targets are our 3D animals. These animal dummies awaken the hunter in you and give shooting with a bow or crossbow a whole new allure. Feel the hunting fever and train your instincts. While bow and arrow hunting were essential for survival in the past, bow and arrow shooting are now a growing sport. What is your favourite target - the conventional target face with ring motif or the real-looking 3D animal? The animal dummies are made of resistant foam material and have arrow-friendly characteristics. Archery targets and crossbow shooting are available in various material designs. Choose between models made of straw, Karphos, various foams or Styroline.

Versatile archery targets at BSW-Archery

Conventional targets are the first choice for competitions in the standard disciplines. 3D animal dummies train a shooter's accuracy in the same way, but under completely different conditions. Discover the full range of targets and 3D animals for your bow or crossbow at our online shop.