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Targets for bows made of Karphos, foam material, and Styroline

Only shooting at a target with a bow and arrow or a crossbow makes this attractive recreational activity a special challenge. By hitting a distant target, a shooter's abilities can be very clearly demonstrated. In every competition, depending on the athlete's age and bow discipline, various types of targets and target faces are used. At you can get a suitable target including accessories for your bow or crossbow.

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Targets for bows - standard equipment for shooting

In addition to the bow or crossbow, target faces are standard equipment for shooters to train and prove their skills and performance. The straw target, with or without a coloured ring pattern, is a classic arrow target. A target face designed with the ring scheme, animal or fantasy motifs is attached to targets made of foam, Karphos or Styroline with target nails. The target is fixed itself on a stand.

Targets made from the biological material Karphos serve as an extremely practical and cost-effective variant. They are extremely compressed straw, which develops a very massive density and guarantees the arrow an adequate anchorage during the impact, without drilling itself too firmly into the material.

Karphos is therefore particularly recommended for bows or crossbows with higher draw weights.

Styroline targets are made of a special foam and have a relatively low weight. In addition, these targets are very resistant and especially arrow-friendly.

Bow shooting - a sport for young and elderly

Become part of your bow and calibrate your senses in deep concentration as you aim for your goal. Of course, shooting with a bow and arrow or a crossbow also gives you enough room for the sporting ambition you can pursue at competitions. An adequate body tension as well as a high ability to concentrate are the basics you should have in order to meet your goals and to reach them in another form also in the long run. You will certainly find that goals. Here are some interesting differences.

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A large part of the growing popularity of this sport is due to the highly advanced sports equipment and accessories. The selection of targets alone covers a very wide range of products with the most varied characteristics for the ambitious archer and crossbowman. Explore our online shop and choose a target that fits your needs.