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A wide range of target systems

Hardly any other shooting sport has such a wide range of target systems as archery and crossbow shooting. The classic straw target is still used in archery today, but is mostly replaced by modern and effective accessories. High-quality materials protect the arrows, offer more comfort and durability.

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Buy target for the crossbow

Those who want to buy a crossbow will sooner or later also find themselves in the situation of buying a target for the crossbow. Without a suitable crossbow target, it will otherwise be quite difficult to find a suitable target area for your crossbow bolts. Below we would like to show you what you need to look out for before buying a crossbow target.

Which crossbow targets to buy?

First and foremost, you should make sure that the crossbow target is designed for the respective crossbow. It is therefore helpful to know the maximum bolt speed the crossbow can reach. On the basis of this information, you can then choose the right target.

If your crossbow develops speeds of 225 fps, for example, you should also buy a crossbow target that is at least designed for the developed performance. Naturally, you can also use targets for crossbows that are designed for higher speeds. The maximum load of the target can always be found in the respective product description.

In order to have a suitable area for your target, you should get additional target faces. Since the actual target is usually plain, you don't have an exact point to aim at. Target faces are special editions made of reinforced paper on which various patterns or rings can be found that serve as targets. These are attached to the crossbow target with disc nails.

What should not be used as a target?

It is often heard that some crossbow owners decide to use wooden plates as a target. This method is by no means recommended. The stopping effect of wood or other solid materials is too strong and the bolts can be damaged. A crossbow target does not stop the bolt immediately, but brakes it gradually. This also explains the large dimensions of the target.

Targets for fatest and most powerful crossbows

We recommend the TARGET TECH Rhino or the STRONGHOLD Crossbow Extreme for very strong crossbows. These crossbow targets have a very strong stopping effect. Especially the TARGET TECH Rhino models are very durable because of a very special application of the material. The Rhino target does not consist of a fixed block, but of many superimposed lamellas. These are strongly pressed together by a tension belt. The bolt will always land between the lamellas and the target will be less worn.

Modern crossbow targets for crossbow shooting

Since a crossbow develops a particularly high arrow speed, special attention must be paid to the appropriate characteristics of the target. The Field Logic target is one of the models that are specially designed for crossbow shooting and this system convinces with very simple handling. The Field Logic target can easily be placed on the ground and is therefore ready for use as a suitable target for crossbow shooters.

The foam target is also ideal for high arrow speeds. For such a foam target you additionally need a stand as well as appropriate target support, which is fixed to the foam target with target nails. You can also find these accessories in the comprehensive product range of The foam target is a relatively inexpensive yet practical solution. The low weight of the system makes it easy to handle.

Crossbow targets - modern solutions

Nowadays the manufacturers of high-quality target faces and targets use the latest materials and processing techniques, which guarantee a first-class and reliably functioning product. Behind the Target Tech target lies a target standing on the ground. The target is filled with various layers of foam, which can be easily removed and replaced as required. This way you always keep this product in perfect condition. The Target Tech target can also be used on both sides as a target. This system can be dismantled and transported at any time in a very simple frame. In addition, it can be carried comfortably thanks to its low weight and stowed in the boot of your car.

Discover now the crossbow targets 

The aforementioned target systems withstand even the highest arrow speeds. The arrow cannot a breakthrough, which would otherwise pose a very high safety risk. Modern target systems are characterized by durability and a gentle arrow pickup. We offer you a comprehensive selection of targets for your crossbow in our online shop.

STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstop For Crossbow Targets

Targets for crossbows are under an enormous impact. It doesn't matter which model you choose. The crossbow bolts use their energy to put the target to a real test.

Together with STRONGHOLD, now offers an inexpensive alternative to increase the stopping effect as well as the lifespan of your target. The penetration of the bolts is therefore reduced to a minimum. We are talking here about the STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstops. This is a plain mat that is attached to the rear of the actual target. There the Backstop takes over several important tasks.

Because of the most intensive exsposure on the middle area of the target, the material is subject to increased wear. The consequences are bolts penetrating far, often even up to the vanes. These can be partly damaged or even lost.

The use of the STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstops withdraws a considerable amount of energy from the penetrating bolt in addition to the target and counteracts the penetration up to the vanes. On the one hand, a heavily damaged target can continue to be used in this way. On the other hand, the use of STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstops can give intact or new targets additional stopping power., together with STRONGHOLD and the STRONGHOLD PremiumProtect Backstop, offers you maximum cost savings and additional safety.

If you have any additional questions?

If you have any questions regarding the crossbow targets, please do not hesitate to contact our Support-Center or our hotline +49 (0) 3971 241 960. Naturally, we are also at your disposal for all other topics concerning the crossbows or archery.

Additionally, we would like to support you with our helpful FAQs as well as with our constantly growing BSW-Archery YouTube-channel. Here, we also place helpful tips & tricks at your disposal.