Our crossbows from STEAMBOW


STEAMBOW takes the shooting experience with crossbows to a whole new level. The Power Unit is driven by compressed air, so the crossbow is completely self-tensioning. Within a few seconds your STEAMBOW is ready for use at the touch of a button.

The crossbow can also be relaxed again. Changing the string is more uncomplicated than with any other crossbow. A further advantage is the overall construction of the STEAMBOW, with which the limbs can be folded in when the crossbow is not in use, thus ensuring perfect transport conditions. The reusable high-pressure tanks can be refilled with a high-pressure pump or comfortably with a diving tank. As an alternative, there are disposable capsules with which it is possible to fire up to 2 shots.

Quality from Austria

STEAMBOW is located in Austria with its company headquarters and production site and meets the highest quality standards with its product processing.