Crossbows from SANLIDA

Crossbows with a special touch

Anyone who wants to own an exceptional crossbow should choose a Sanlida crossbow. Sanlida offers multi-functional entry level crossbows with a special touch.

Many models of the Sanlida series are equipped with a steel ball function, in addition to the normal shot with bolts. The Sanlida range not only offers crossbows of the big category but also pistol crossbows, which are ideal for recreational and beginner use. A highlight of the Sanlida series is the Crossfire I and Crossfire II (Little Panther), these small gold pieces are three-functional: Bolts, balls and fish bolts (in connection with a fish spool) can be shot. This leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

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Crossbows with added value

Whether pistol crossbows or crossbows with steel ball function, Sanlida offers you the right model and that also for the small wallet. The Shark, for example, has the highest firing speed of 8mm steel balls, and you get this optically different crossbow in a complete set with bag.

Sanlida crossbows at BSW-Archery

The Sanlida range also includes the classic Recurve and Compound crossbows.

For example the Chace series. All models of the Sanlida Chace series have a CNC machined aluminium barrel. The combination of this barrel and the other composite materials make these crossbows particularly impact-resistant and torsion-resistant, in addition, these crossbows come with soft paint. The SANLIDA Chace Sun II, Star and Wind are low-maintenance and, thanks to the materials used, have high bow energy and great penetrating power. They are all equipped with an ultra-light trigger, rear sight and front sight. Of course, it is also possible to attach another scope to the sighting rail.

Basically every crossbow from Sanlida will come to you in a package, so that the fun can start straightaway.