Our sets from the recurve bow category

Comprehensive recurve bow set for beginners and professionals

If you are new to archery and want to start with the most necessary accessories, we recommend a small recurve bow set - consisting of the quiver, arm guard and finger tab. With this set, you can master your first training and get a feel for the sport. If you only practice archery at home and not in a club, an extended set is a good choice: This gives you an additional bow stand and a target face with the stand, edition and target nails.

Naturally, you can also find recurve bow sets for professionals, which are equipped with string measure, nocking point pliers, bow stringer and string wax.

Traditional or sport set - What is your favourite?

The advantage of our sets lies not only in the fact that all individual parts are matching, but also with the price. With a bundle put together by BSW-Archery you can save money when compared to the single purchase.

For example, you can choose a sports set that comes with a visor, arrow rest, bow pocket and other accessories. If you are a longbow shooter, you will probably find one of our traditional sets. It contains a leather quiver, leather arm guard and leather glove, a target rest and a traditional arrow rest. This recurve bow set can also be extended with a bow stringer and a bow sleeve for your bow.