Recurve bows

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An important reason why recurve bows are so popular today is probably the fact that these bows are particularly comfortable and effective to use thanks to their specific design: The ends of the limbs of recurve bows are bent in such a way that they point away from the shooter when at rest. When the bow is stretched, shooters with recurve bows achieve a higher degree of efficiency with less effort than with a longbow. In addition, you will feel less hand shock after the shot, as the bowstring is in contact with the ends of the limb and thus rebounds less strongly. The Olympic recurve bows with visor and stabilizers as well as the so-called blank bows, e.g without further equipment, are used in recreational and competitive bow sports. At BSW-Archery you can now find the right recurve sports bows, traditional recurve bows as well as individual parts and complete sets for a complete archery experience.

Traditional recurve bows with wooden elements

The first recurve bows were already used in the 7th millennium B.C., and since then their presence has been present throughout the history of the peoples. Even today, traditionally built recurve bows are used, which are made at least partly of real wood and have an appealing, historical appearance. For example, a recurve bow such as the RAGIM Black Buffalo ILF is recommended for the beginners. Its handle made of high-quality hardwood not only looks noble but also has an ergonomic form and is extended by the visor, button and stabilizer bushings. Furthermore, the Black Buffalo is available in various sizes and with the variable draw weight. This recurve bow is also particularly practical because it is a take down recurve, e.g. the handle and limbs can be taken apart and are therefore easier to transport.

Good reasons for a Take Down Recurve bow

Take Down recurve bows are also so popular because they allow the handle and limbs to be replaced: Especially as a beginner you start with weaker limbs. Your muscles will become stronger with regular training and the draw weight of the limbs will become too light. Then you can exchange the limbs for stronger ones. With a one-piece or longbow, you have to change the whole bow.

Numerous sports bows, which are used especially in archery competitions, consist of a handle and limbs. During production, high-quality materials such as aluminium, carbon, fibreglass and wood laminates are used. This also includes the SF Archery Premium handle.

Even if you are already equipped with a recurve bow, BSW-Archery has a lot to offer for you: Many manufacturers and models offer suitable handles and limbs. Our offer also includes numerous sets that you can order together with your new recurve bow. The sets include quivers, armguards and gloves for archery. Our product range is complemented by modern carbon arrows as well as traditional wooden arrows.

Recurve bows - The special features one-piece recurve bow

A recurve bow is a further development of the longbow. Its special feature in comparison to the longbow is an additional bend of the limb ends. They point forward at the recurve bow. These additional bends mean that more energy is transferred to the arrow than with a longbow with the same pulling force.

Recurve bows are available as one or three-piece bows. The latter are also called take-down bows. With these bows, the bow can be divided into the handle (the grip) and the two limbs. Bows in the entry area usually have a screw construction, while higher quality bows usually use a plug-in system. This design makes take-down bows easy and space-saving to transport and also offers the possibility of "growing" with the shooter. Depending on requirements, the bow length and/or pulling can be changed by replacing individual components without having to purchase a completely new bow.

One-piece recurve bows are usually made of high-quality wood, similar to longbows. Take-down bows can also be made of various materials or a combination of these, such as aluminium, fibreglass or carbon. One-piece recurve bows are usually shot traditionally like longbows. Take-Down bows can be used as sports bows or in the traditional range. After use, recurve bows should also be relaxed to prolong their life.

Basic position for recurve bows

The feet are placed slightly offset with an approximate distance of 30 to 40 cm so that they form an angle of approx. 90° with the line of fire (see illustration). For left-handed shooters this is mirror-inverted. Shoulders and hips are not turned. Only the head looks towards the target. The legs are not pushed through but should be kept loose.