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Ravin Crossbows powered by Helicoil Technology

A new crossbow manufacturer prompts into the market. The aim of the manufacturers was to design a highly precise crossbow, which offers a better shooting experience. Ravin Crossbows succeeded with the R9 Predator - probably the most compact crossbow on the current crossbow market. A beast - locked in a length of 34.5" and a width of 10.5" (26.5 cm) when undrawn. This crossbow is only 6" wide and looks like a rifle. An absolute highlight on the crossbow market, attracting all your attention.

Ravin Crossbows at BSW-Archery

Are you looking for a super slim, modern and high-quality crossbow with the right accessories? Not only the R9 Predator is available from us, but you can also get its big brother in our online shop: the R15 Predator in camo and other matching accessories. No matter if bipod stands Ravin Bi-Pod or Ravin bolts packed in 6 pack with us. These are made of 100% carbon and can withstand even the toughest challenges.

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What makes the Ravin Crossbows special?

The driving engine of the Ravin Crossbows is Helicoil Technology. This technology is fundamental for the effective design and the floating bolt, which is therefore not exposed to friction and thus achieves a higher speed. Precision over long distances is no longer a problem. Thanks to the Helicoil system, the cams stand exactly level to the string. The string does not touch the rail (frictionless flight system), so there is no friction, which improves speed and performance. The Ravin Crossbows are developed and built in the USA. The manufacturers were motivated not to improve an existing crossbow on the crossbow market, but to create something completely new, better, faster. The result is the highest performance and precision combined in one crossbow. The Ravin Crossbows are already equipped with an integrated rope cocking system and come in a complete package.

The built-in Trac Trigger Firing System is much more stable than comparable trigger systems from other manufacturers. The Ravin Crossbows also have a Versa-Draw Cocking System. The R9 is light as a feather and reaches speeds of up to 390 fps, the R15 Predator is also a real lightweight and reaches speeds of up to 425 fps with a 13" power stroke. So if you're looking for a compact, feather-light crossbow that delivers maximum performance and precision over long distances, the Ravin Crossbows should be your choice.

Product presentation Ravin Crossbows R26 and R29 - keep it simple

We are proud to present the following compact bundle of energy that has just arrived from Superior, Wisconsin: the R26 and R29 from Ravin Crossbows. In both models, Ravin remains true to its sleek design. The R29 is one of the narrowest crossbows ever with only 5.75" centre distance (in drawn condition) and sets new standards in the crossbow sector. With its extremely compact form, the new R29 is also very easy to handle in dense woods or parcours.

Compared to the popular R20, it offers you the same power & precision with its smooth string design, but with its 14 cm shorter overall length it is now much easier to hold when aiming. Including all add-on parts the R29 weighs only 4kg and offers the same ultra fast 430 fps (472 km/h) bolt speed as the R20 due to the kinetic energy of 164 ft.-lbs. The rifle scope with long-range reticle included in the package guarantees maximum precision even at long distances. Tested on 30m outdoor, our conclusion is the R29:

"better handling due to the shorter form, great speed and very good handling: Keep it simple stupid!"

- Fazit Ravin R29

The new R26 also comes in the Predator Dust Camo designed exclusively for Ravin - it is the ultra-compact power pack. Just as narrow as the R29, the R26 saves a further 3" in length. This reduces its total weight to less than 3 kg (3.8 kg including all add-on such as quiver, bolts and cocking device). With a total length of only 26", the power stroke of the R26 still accounts for saved 9.5". This allows an acceleration of your bolt to 400 fps (438 km/h) - there's really a lot of boom behind it! Our test result of the R26:

"whisper-quiet, very handy & light, thus also fast position changes are possible without problems. In addition, the integrated cocking device makes it very easy to draw."

- Fazit Ravin R26

Both models come with Premium Illuminated Scope, cocking device, mounting quiver and 6 Ravin bolts. Just want to unpack your new crossbow and get perfect hits? Then use our shooting service.

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Video-Review R26

We are happy to help you

To find out more about these compact R29 and R26 powerhouses from Ravin, please contact our crossbow experts directly via our Support-Center. They will be happy to help you with advice and assistance. Of course, we will also answer any other questions you may have about archery. You can find more helpful tips & tricks at the BSW-Archery YouTube channel.