Rangefinder for bow hunting & archery

Rangefinders for hunting and sports shooting

Whether in the mountains or in complex terrain - when it comes to determining the exact distance, rangefinders are accurate and reliable tools that provide all relevant data for safe distance determination. Distance meters are often used for construction site surveying in the construction industry, but the versatility of these compact measuring instruments is demonstrated by their frequent use in sports and hunting.

Rangefinders - allround talents

Nowadays, distance meters are increasingly used in archery, shooting and hunting. Whenever large distances with unmanageable terrain have to be overlooked, rangefinders come into the picture.

Distance meters are usually compact and robustly manufactured to allow easy transport. This alone makes them indispensable helpers in hunting, whether with rifles or bows, without hindering the shooter. Even poor visibility conditions can be optimized and the shooter the best possible starting situation for the perfect shot.

Well-known manufacturers such as Nikon, Hawke and Leica offer various models for different needs. Usually perfectly adaptable to the individual needs of the user.

Rangefinder from Nikon

BSW-Archery offers a wide range of Nikon rangefinders. Most of them have 6x magnification. They are ideal for accurate distance measurement and offer the shooter a fast and precise measurement.

The Nikon ProStaff 3i, for example, can precisely measure the distance to the nearest object or to the most distant object in wooded areas with its near and far target measuring mode. If the power button is pressed and held, the distance to moving targets can also be precisely determined. All Nikon rangefinders are waterproof/rainproof, compact and easy to use. The higher quality rangefinders also have the ability to measure inclines and declines to meet the high demands of fast and accurate measurement. The NIKON Arrow ID 3000 rangefinder is recommended for all shooters, archers and crossbowmen.