Arrow quiver

Comfortable pulling and secure standing

In addition to high-quality bows of all kinds and the matching arrows, BSW-Archery also offers a range of practical accessories for archery or crossbow sports. A quiver for the storage of arrows is almost indispensable for the basic equipment of every archer. We have a large selection of quivers from renowned manufacturers such as Fivics, Beier, Fred Bear Archery, elToro, X-Bow, Cartel or Aurora, ranging from simple plastic tube quivers to high-quality and aesthetic leather quivers. Regardless of whether sports bow, classic longbow or crossbow, whether wooden arrows, carbon arrows or crossbow bolts, we guarantee you will find the right quiver.

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Comparison of three classic quivers

Arrow quivers come in three types. The back quivers are regarded as "traditional" quivers, as they are known from film and television. These quivers are mostly made of leather or imitation leather in the classic look and sometimes decorated very extensively. A distinction is made between quivers with adjustable shoulder straps and three-point straps, which prevent the quiver from slipping on the back. In fact, this form of the quiver worn on the back is rather a modern fashion.

The side quivers, on the other hand, are really classic, as they usually have a clip on the belt at the hip. Depending on whether the shooter is left- or right-hand, the quiver is attached to the corresponding side of the body. Today, side quivers in classic or modern design are made of leather (also suede or imitation leather) as well as robust fabrics for professional sports shooters.

For more traditional archers as well as for shooting on the parcours and in the terrain, an add-on quiver or bow quiver is also an option. These quivers are attached directly to the bow and thus increase the weight of the bow.

Pro Contra
Back quiver traditional look
freedom of movement
blind pulling out is more difficult
pulling out the arrows brings restlessness to a safe position
Side quiver blind pulling out fast & comfortable
stand does not have to be changed
unstable carrying
Mounting & Bow quiver holds arrow firmly to bow
does not interfere in the terrain
number of arrows in the quiver is limited (often only 2-8 arrows)

Finding the right quiver quickly

You should choose the right quiver for your arrows carefully. What is important to you about an arrow quiver, classic design or sporty functionality? For instance, a leather back quiver is particularly suitable if the traditional look plays an important role for you. If, on the other hand, you want to store the arrows comfortably for a long time or transport them protected from moisture, use a simple plastic tube quiver. High-quality side quivers from brand-name manufacturers are the right choice for professional use in archery, where functionality is of prime importance.