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At BSW-Archery you will find the perfect pistol crossbow and the matching accessories. Our range includes Recurve or Compound crossbows as well as smaller pistol crossbows in various versions. The pistol crossbows are compact but still reach a considerable range and performance. At shorter distances, the accuracy is hardly limited. Convince yourself of a handy pistol crossbow and let yourself get surprised by the performance hidden behind these lightweights. 

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Pistol crossbows represent a welcoming diversion in addition to the large crossbows. This crossbow impresses with its comparatively low purchase price and very compact design. Thus one should not be surprised as to why especially beginners in crossbow sports first decide on a pistol crossbow. Without spending a lot of money, this compact version gives you the opportunity to take the first shots with your own crossbow. You'll soon find that these little crossbow players have a lot of fun with them. But what exactly is a pistol crossbow? We will briefly explain this to you in the following text.

What's a pistol crossbow?

The pistol crossbow has its name from its compact design. The first time you hold your pistol crossbow in your hand, you'll soon find it's about the same size as a pistol. Naturally, the pistol crossbow is slightly wider. The bow is still in the front area. This is the so-called limb. Without the limb, the arrows (called bolts) cannot be accelerated. Apart from that, the pistol crossbows visually come very close to a pistol.

How do you shoot a pistol crossbow?

The large crossbows are held and shot like a typical rifle. This means that the shaft of the crossbow is attached to the shoulder. One hand is on the trigger and the second hand supports the crossbow below the bolt rail. For aiming, the eye is then guided close to the telescopic sight.

The pistol crossbow is not only visually similar to a pistol. The way you shoot a crossbow is also very similar. This means that the hand in which the pistol crossbow is located is held stretched forward. A simple rear sight and front sight attachment or a RedDot is usually used for aiming. These two aiming devices can be used very well with the stretched arm. Riflescopes are not so good in combination with a pistol crossbow. These must always be led directly in front of the eye. However, this cannot be combined with the typical posture of a pistol crossbow.

Which bolts do I need?

If you own a pistol crossbow, you also need the matching arrows. For crossbows, the arrows are called bolts. Compared to the bolts that shoot the large crossbows, the bolts for pistol crossbows are comparatively short and narrower. The pistol crossbow bolts are usually made of aluminium or plastic. In rare cases, however, bolts made of carbon can also be found. Carbon bolts for pistol crossbows are only suitable for certain models. Here the X-BOW Cobra System is to be called in the special one. With this model, it already is about a somewhat larger version of a pistol crossbow.

Pistol crossbows - a variable power pack for every challenge

A pistol crossbow is usually fired with short aluminium or plastic bolts. However, many models can also be shot with other loads. In addition to the classic bolts, you can also use the steel ball as an alternative. In this case, you equip the magazine with up to 20 6 mm steel balls. The draw weight of a common pistol crossbow is between 50 and 80 lbs, but some exceptions also bring it to 150 lbs, so that the bolts of these crossbows can overcome a distance of 80 meters. In addition to the flexible use of crossbow bolts or steel balls, the pistol crossbow with its low weight offers another decisive advantage. The processing from fibreglass, plastic and aluminium ensure that an ordinary pistol crossbow often weighs only 1kg.


Discover now a large selection of pistol crossbows

A pistol crossbow from our online shop is perfect for the entry into crossbow sports and also offers the right for every preference and is already available for a small price. The manufacturers X-Bow and Sanlida also promise a high quality and great craftsmanship so that you will have long fun with your crossbow. To make it easier for you to enter the world of crossbow sports, we also recommend our starter sets for pistol crossbows, which are equipped with crossbow, bullets, target and a practical bag. Replacement string and bows for your pistol crossbow are also just a few clicks away so you can get started right away. Discover the fun a small and handy crossbow can have, that surprises with power and convinces with lightness and steel ball function.

X-BOW and CROSSFIRE offer inexpensive entry-level models with amazing power when it comes to pistol crossbows.

You can find out more about crossbows and medieval crossbows in our online shop.

Pistol crossbow in a set

But what does BSW-Archery offer to those who want to get a taste of crossbow sports with one of the small pistol crossbows? Naturally, we didn't ignore the pistol crossbows. In addition to the crossbow sets with the large models, we also have put together interesting pistol crossbow sets, which impress with their size.

Attractive in price and convincing in their reliable function, a wide range of pistol crossbow sets offer you everything a beginner in crossbow sports needs. You don't have to worry about what accessories you still need for your crossbow. Depending on your choice, the pistol crossbow sets already provide you with everything you need such as the spare string, pistol crossbow bolt, string wax, bag or rifle scope.

With BSW-Archery you will find the perfect crossbow for you. By purchasing one of our crossbow sets for novices you are always right on target and always one step ahead of the others.

If you have any additional questions, we will gladly help you

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our support-centre. You will find more tips & tricks around the crossbow or archery in our FAQs or on our BSW-Archery YouTube channel.