Outdoor coffee

If you're outdoors and, just like us, can't and won't do without your morning coffee, we've got the perfect companions for you right here. In no time at all, you can prepare espresso, macchiato, americano, cappuccino and more, even when you are on the go.

The "perfect" coffee preparation has its own philosophy and varies from person to person and from taste to taste. There are barista rules that will probably remain secret to us forever. Nevertheless, we have taken on the topic and came across interesting outdoor utensils.

Easy to use. Quick to clean. Environmentally friendly and durable.

Coffee on the Road means to be as practical as possible. Our equipment has to meet criteria that we tend to neglect in everyday life. Weight, of course, always plays a decisive role. But aspects such as the environmental impact are fortunately also coming more and more into the foreground. When it comes to preparing coffee, we should therefore avoid disposable products wherever possible and say goodbye to paper filters, for example. Stainless steel coffee filters are an excellent alternative. Foldable coffee filters, however, also combine convenience with sustainability.

There are no limits to the possibilities.

Whether you opt for the classic filter, a French press, the innovative espresso machine for outdoors or simply a pot with water and coffee powder, is up to you. Again, your creativity is crucial in order to create your own personal coffee indulgence for outdoors. Let the products inspire you to find the perfect solution for coffee on the go. Have fun!


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