Compound bows from MATHEWS

Pure innovation with Mathews compound bows

The MATHEWS from Wisconsin, USA is one of the reasons why compound bows are designed and manufactured today at the standard of quality that you can buy at The founder, Matt McPherson, is a pioneer in the archery industry, working together with his 400 employees to set new standards in archery with his patented technologies. Part of his philosophy is innovation, according to the motto "Catch us if you can": With his Single Cam Technology, the SOLOCAM®, McPhersons were and still are. Compound bows are both lighter, faster and quieter than other bows - and at the same time at least as precise and reliable. Nearly a hundred other patents also come from the creative vein of Matt McPherson.

These MATHEWS compound bows are available for immediate delivery:

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Versatile bows from Mathews

Our bestseller compound bow from Mathews is the Chill X, a particularly versatile bow for hunting and 3D use. It offers 35" axle length for a flexible use also in the target range and shoots smoothly and fast. You can order the Chill X as well as other Mathews bows in one of the hunting or sports sets for optimal use and immediate use at the next archery event. So you are immediately equipped with arrow rests and sights when the next arrow is to be shot. The equally popular NoCam HTR with shorter, stiffer limbs than usual with compound bows is particularly innovative in its construction and design. Mathews delivers a completely different shooting experience with the highest technology.