Compound bows from HOYT

Since 1931, Hoyt has pursued its course without compromise - for this manufacturer only quality, performance and reliability count. The fact that Hoyt's own bow hunters and target shooters work behind the scenes and are committed to the best possible quality of their equipment also ensures consistent 200% precision and technology in Hoyt compound bows.

Get serious. Get Hoyt.

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High precision thanks to the latest technologies

Hoyt does not shy away from new paths and new developments - every bow from this manufacturer is a finely oiled, high-tech piece of sports equipment in which the inventions and extensions of the 21st century find their place and the principle of archery nevertheless remains the same. The compound bows made of carbon stand out from the rest of the industry of this type of bow - you haven't held anything like these bows in your hand yet: The light material paired with the compact size and a still wide draw lengths.

Compound bows from Hoyt at BSW-Archery

All Hoyt Archery compound bows can be ordered exactly according to your requirements: Depending on your body size, experience and strength, choose the right size, the right draw weight and of course the colour that suits your taste. Of course you can also order the Hoyt compound bows in our assortment as a set with other important equipment for your archery experience and thus secure you a price advantage: The Hoyt Ignite Compound Bow, for example, is available in four different sets, which contain a corresponding arrow rest, a visor and other additional products according to your use of the Ignite Compound Bow. Absolute novelty of Hoyt is as well the carbon bow HOYT in different executions and with all extras you can wish for.