Crossbows from HORTON

The legend is back! (by TenPoint)

Horton Crossbow Innovations is an American crossbow manufacturer with the mission of making effective, reliable and visually appealing crossbows for everyone, from hunters to recreational shooters, young and old. All Horton crossbows are designed and built in the USA using only the highest quality materials and the latest technologies. In addition, all crossbows are subject to comprehensive and rigorous testing. Only in this way can the highest expectations of crossbow shooters be fulfilled in the Horton crossbows.

Mature powerhouses

Horten crossbows are mature power packs, which convince by compactness and performance. In addition, there are optical highlights such as the Reverse Draw construction or the completely colour-coordinated package. If you don't want to compromise when buying a crossbow, you should consider a Horton crossbow. The built-in ABX technology and the RDX technologies give these crossbows a maximum of comfort and precision under full performance. With different Cheek Pieces you have the possibility to adjust the crossbow to your body in various positions. A brush equipped arrow hold-down has also been installed.

Storm at BSW-Archery

The flagship is the Horton Storm RDX, which has a draw weight of 165 lbs and an incredible arrow speed of 370 fps. This is almost solely due to the reverse draw construction, thanks to which the Storm RDX gets a length of just 35" to a power stroke of 16.5". This crossbow storm is 10" wide. During the production and the construction of this crossbow nothing was spared. So you get this crossbow in two package variants. To recommend is the ACUdraw Package where you have already mounted an integrated crank tensioner on the crossbow. Furthermore a damping system was installed especially for the Storm RDX, which stops the string and at the same time dampens noises and minimizes vibrations. In order to offer a high safety for the shooter in spite of the power, rubber wings (TPE Rubber Safety Wings) have been installed on the side of the barrel to prevent the barrel from reaching over.