Horse Bows

Horse bow for the high art of horseback archery

Shooting an arrow from the back of a galloping horse - and then also hitting the prey or rather the target today - is what horse archers train to do. Are you also one of those who harmonizes the bond between horse and horseman with the precision and strength of archery in a very special sport? Then you've come to the right place to choose your new horse bow from the wide range of offers at

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Origin and construction of horse bows

No matter whether of Hungarian or Asian origin - horse bows and the technique of archery come from the eastern regions of our continent, where shooting from the back of a horse was common practice, especially for Central Asian peoples like the Mongols. The so-called composite bows were also developed here, including the horse bows. The most typical of these are the stiff limbs, in Arabic Siyas, that act like levers. Thanks to this design, Asian horse bows could be made shorter and are therefore particularly suitable for archery from the horse's back. The horse bows you can order from are therefore also available from 48 to 54". The right horse bow is available for archers of all heights and levels of experience. If you have already found the perfect bow made of the desired material with a matching design, you still have to determine the right draw weight. All our bows can be ordered with a variety of draw weights.

The right horse bow for your preference and your shooting technique

Our absolute bestseller among the horse bows is the Rexbow Horsebow with a length of 48" and can be ordered with a draw weight between 15 and 35 lbs. This classically beautiful bow is made of maple and can be shot very well and quietly even with little experience. It is also available in various sets: In addition to a new bow, you will also receive practical accessories for archery, such as a quiver, leather glove and armguard, as well as a traditional arrow rest. Have you ever dreamed of riding on horseback through the Mongolian steppe, with your bow over your shoulder and arrows hanging around your quiver? The Mongolian horse bow Mongol by BEIER makes you a little closer to this dream: Its symmetrical form is based on the historical Mongolian models and makes it a real powerhouse with which you hold a piece of history in your hand.