Fiberglass arrows

Modern arrow material

It has not been possible to prove scientifically how long people have used bows and arrows. What is certain, however, is that both items were made of wood in their original form. At the end of the 18th century, archery was rediscovered as a fascinating recreational activity and modern sport, triggering a real boom in the development of new bow material, which has continued to this day. The use of fibreglass for arrows and bows began after 1945. The word fibreglass is an Anglicism, which has formed from the English word for fibreglass. It is a glass fibre reinforced plastic, called GFK for short. The fibreglass arrow is the ideal arrow for novices. Fiberglass arrows are durable and do not bend. But they can break. Therefore every arrow should be checked before firing. Fiberglass arrows are not suitable for advanced shooters who want to continuously improve their hitting pattern and technique.

Fiberglass arrows at BSW-Archery

Fiberglass arrows are available at BSW-Archery in various versions and designs. The fiberglass arrow "ECO" is the ideal arrow for archery beginners. It is very resistant and is forgiving the one or other mistake of the archer. Delivered as a complete arrow, it already has a metal point, a fletching with 3" long natural feathers in parabolic form and a plastic nock. The ECO is available in various lengths and is ideal for long and recurve bows up to 40 lbs draw weight.

For children and beginners, especially occasional shooting at all kinds of targets outside of professional supervision, safety aspects must be urgently taken into account. The "IDV Larp Safety Arrow" is a perfect choice. It has an aerodynamic, practically indestructible safety head made of polyurethane foam, with exceptional damping properties and an eye-proof, impact-resistant inlay made of impact-resistant special plastic. With high precision and a range of over 50 m achievable through optimized flight characteristics at only 25 lbs and 28" draw length, this fibreglass arrow guarantees safe fun.

In addition, this arrow is provided with a special product liability insurance policy taken out by the manufacturer, which gives you the security of a practically risk-free product.

Fiberglass arrows and their characteristics

Arrow shafts made of fibreglass are available in tubular form and as solid material. Fiberglass arrows are the most cost-effective arrow variant in the fun and recreational sector, especially for children and beginners in bow sports. In competitive sports, however, they could not establish themselves. The high weight of the fibreglass arrows is clearly a disadvantage, but an advantage when bow fishing. Here fibreglass arrows are the first choice.

Fiberglass arrows are extremely durable, heavy and because of their mass of high penetrating power. Such an arrow can also withstand harder movements and impact on hard surfaces. In case of wear, feathering and point can be replaced. The arrow shaft, on the other hand, retains its smooth and absolutely linear form and this is guaranteed over a very long period of time.