Crossbows from EXCALIBUR

Precision and reliability

Crossbows are at BSW-Archery in addition to our bows, such as compound, recurve, horse or longbows a real highlight for every shooter. A crossbow from Excalibur will take your archery experience to a whole new level. Watch how this recurve crossbow moves the bolts to the target with speed and precision and always hits the mark. The compact and lightweight design of Excalibur crossbows make it even easier to capture the target. In addition, there is a perfect balance, low recoil and the high speed of the shot bolts, which achieve resounding success. Browse through our crossbow range including accessories and let yourself be convinced by the technically mature crossbows from Excalibur.

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A piece of history - Crossbow and Excalibur

King Arthur once called his sword "Excalibur", which was stuck in the stone and possessed magical powers according to the well-known Arthur legend. The history of the crossbow, which dates back to the 5th century B.C., is similarly steeped in history, but surrounded by less mysticism and myth. In ancient Greece, archetypes of the crossbow were already used at this time. Also the Romans had already developed a crossbow with the "Balliste". In Asia, a forerunner of the crossbow was also widespread, because fighters at the Great Wall of China fended off their enemies with it. The Normans in France finally made the crossbow warworthy and used it in larger battles. Because of the simple operation and the fact that it did not make any special physical demands on the shooters, the crossbow was quickly preferred to the normal arrow and bow and was used above all for defense. However, the former wooden and metal construction is now long outdated because of its heavy weight and weather sensitivity.

Excalibur - Perfect crossbows

Regardless of Merlin, Arthur and other legendary stories, the term "Excalibur" is known today above all for the most precise recurve crossbows worldwide, some of which reach just as high speeds as a compound crossbow. Since 1983, the manufacturers Bill and Kath Troubridge have dedicated themselves to the high art of developing their crossbows. The fact that the two are not only technically adept, but also enthusiastic shooters, can be seen in all their models. They place great value on the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of their products, so that you can unerringly target your next target. Aluminum and carbon-like plastics make the crossbows weatherproof and virtually indestructible, so they will accompany you for a long time - it's not for nothing that Excalibur offers a lifetime warranty on limbs. Once you've shot yourself in with Excalibur, you won't want to miss this crossbow anymore.