Compound bows from DIAMOND by BOWTECH

Diamond offers quality for novices

Are you new to the archery squad and would like to try out whether archery is the right sport for you? Then start with an inexpensive compound bow from Diamond that combines all the characteristics of a high-quality bow: symmetrical draw, high stability and strength as well as an ergonomic form.

With the Infinite Edge series, you not only get an excellent bow in our online shop, but also a wide range of accessories such as arrow rest, visor, quiver, peep sight and string loop. You will be well equipped for your first training and can concentrate on learning the right technique. If you have any questions, our friendly staff is always available via the hotline.

These variants of a DIAMOND by BOWTECH compound bow are available for immediate delivery:

Every shooter is perfectly equipped with Diamond compound bows

A bow that grows with you? At Diamond you will find high-quality models that are particularly robust and suitable for all shooters. Order for example the compound bow Edge SB-1, which can do everything from delicate 7 lbs for children up to 70 lbs for powerful archers. Thanks to the Binary Cam system, it can be easily adjusted to the desired draw weight and always shoots precisely. Alternatively, Prism compound bows are available in six different colours and as right or left hand bows in our range.

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Naturally, a Diamond compound bow also offers numerous features for real archery professionals. Made of ultra-light carbon and state-of-the-art, bows such as the Carbon Deploy SB offer maximum torsional stability as well as stress-free adjustment options for draw length and let-off.

Add a suitable stabiliser to your compound bow from the BSW-Archery range. In this way your bow will rest again more quickly after shooting and the vibrations during firing will generally be dampened. With Diamond compound bows you can benefit from the extensive know-how of the US brand manufacturer Bowtech - you can rely on real quality here.

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