Crossbows from HORI-ZONE

HORI-ZONE: Top design at an unbeatable price

AC The HORI-ZONE crossbows come in a chic design and a very good price-performance ratio to your home, equipped with a complete Ready-to-Shoot Package. The packages include a mounting quiver, a scope and a Talop rope cocking device.

Optical highlights, such as the HORI-ZONE Stealth with a Realtree camouflage in combination with the bronze anodized cams and the same coloured riser, make these crossbows small eye-catchers and that for a reasonable price. All crossbows of the HORI-ZONE series are compact, light and have a good balance.  Many can be adjusted to the shooter with an adjustable shaft or shoulder support. The materials used make HORI-ZONE crossbows very robust and stable. The draw weights range between 165 and 185lbs.

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HORI-ZONE crossbows at BSW-Archery

The outstanding precision of these crossbows is unparalleled in their price segment. HORI-ZONE has a selection of models for every crossbow shooter. It is not visible at first sight, but the Rage-X is a recurve crossbow. It is particularly easy to assemble and disassemble, making it ideal for transport. The shoulder piece is adjustable in length and therefore optimally adaptable to the shooter. The Rage-X comes in a package with a mounting quiver, a 4x32 visor and a Talon rope cocking device. It has a high-quality plastic shaft and an automatic safety device. In addition the Bullpup System is installed so that a longer power stroke results in a higher arrow speed.