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Hobby and Leisure

Sport and Hunting

Beginners´ Crossbows

20 - 400 EUR

For beginners and price-conscious crossbow shooters who want to explore and experience crossbow sports in their own homes (courtyard and garden) as well as with friends.

Crossbow pistols

  • X-BOW Cobra Commando
  • X-BOW Cobra MX
  • X-BOW Alligator
  • X-BOW Cobra System
  • Pythonpistole
  • HORI-ZONE Redback


  • Python I
  • Python II
  • Cougar II
  • Jag I
  • Jag II
  • Wasp
  • Black Ant


  • Recruit Tactical
  • Rouge


  • Chace Wind
  • Chace Star
  • Tomahawk
  • Chace Sun II

All medieval crossbows

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Models for advanced users

400 - 800 EUR

For advanced and ambitious crossbow shooters and also for crossbow beginners who want high-quality and more powerful models right from the beginning.


  • Scorpion I
  • Scorpion II
  • Accelerator 410
  • Titan
  • Torpedo
  • Stinger
  • Guillotine
  • Ballistic
  • Blade


  • TS370
  • Droptine STR
  • Whitetail Hunter
  • Raptor FX3
  • Raptor Pro STR
  • Whitetail Pro STR


  • GRZ2
  • G340
  • Matrix Micro 335
  • Matrix 380
  • Matrix Bulldog 330


  • Alpha XT
  • Wazp-ULT
  • Kornet 390 XT
  • MX-405
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High-End Crossbows

800 EUR and more

Crossbows with extreme performance and top quality for the highest demands, therefore ideal for professional use (hunting and tournament sports).


  • Gohst 375
  • Predator
  • BC ReVengeance
  • TS390
  • Hyper Ghost


  • Micro Suppressor
  • Assassin 420
  • Micro 360 TD
  • Matrix Bulldog 440
  • Micro Assassin


  • Sub-1
  • Sub-1 XR


  • TENPOINT Nitro X
  • TENPOINT Stealth NXT Elite EVO-X
  • TENPOINT Stealth NXT


  • Katana 360
  • Katana 385
  • Solution
  • Solution LS


  • R10
  • R26
  • R29
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At BSW-Archery every crossbow shooter will find the ideal companion for leisure, competition or hunting. Compared to archery, whether a longbow, horse bow or recurve bow, shooting with a crossbow is a different kind of experience. Crossbow sport offers many possibilities and a correspondingly wide selection of crossbow models. Whether hunting holidays abroad, training or medieval events with original robes - here at BSW-Archery you will certainly find the right crossbow for your needs. Browse through our large selection of renowned brand manufacturers and you will also become a hit crossbow shooter. ####

Buy crossbows - a wide selection for the most varied requirements

The crossbows through the ages

Whether Recurve crossbow, Pistol crossbow, Compound crossbow or Medieval crossbow - you are spoilt for choice if you want to buy a new crossbow. Today's crossbow models are all based on technically far less sophisticated crossbows that the Greeks, Romans and Normans had with them. The crossbow has a long history behind it.

antike Armbrust

The medieval crossbow with a wood bow, which had to be stretched with both hands, is regarded as the archetype. Its draw force was very limited and therefore did not require a crossbow rope cocking device. Further development of this form was the composite bow, which was worked with horn and animal strings. This still weather-prone construction had to be equipped with a crossbow stringer such as pulleys, levers or screws in order to apply the high draw weight. In the 14th century, crossbows made of steel were finally produced that withstood wind and weather.

Today's crossbows can no longer be compared to this. The basic principle of the crossbow has been retained, but technical progress has ensured that precision, efficiency and lightness are no longer mutually exclusive. Modern materials such as aluminium and carbon provide the desired lightness, high-speed cams enable arrow speeds of up to 400 km/h and accessories such as high-quality scopes make a crossbow more precise than ever before.

Modern crossbows from renowned manufacturers

In our assortment, you will find a great selection of compound and recurve crossbows from brands like Barnett, Excalibur, TenPoint, Sanlida, Stryker or X-Bow. Of course, you also get high-quality accessories such as crossbow bolts, scopes or spare string from us. With the large selection of crossbows, it can be difficult to make a decision. This is exactly why we provide you with free of charge decision support in our online shop. As you can see, we have thought of everything so that you are completely satisfied with your next crossbow and always hit the bull's eye.

Prospective and future buyers of a crossbow are often overwhelmed by the extensive offer and quickly lose the overall view. Mispurchases are inevitable here. The newly won interest is thus strongly clouded by avoidable mistakes. That does not have to be. At BSW-Archery we would like to help you to find the optimal crossbow for you. Besides the interest to buy a crossbow, you often lack the necessary knowledge to make the right purchase decisions. But that's no wonder. Where do you have the opportunity to come into contact with a crossbow in everyday life, not to mention to compare several models exactly with one another? Therefore, we offer you our professional and comprehensive advice. Of course, we are also happy to answer any further questions you may have about archery or crossbow sports. The best way to reach us is by email support[@] or via our Support-Center.


Buy crossbows at BSW-Archery

At BSW-Archery every crossbow shooter will find the ideal companion for leisure, competition or hunting. Compared to archery, whether longbow, horse bow or recurve bow, shooting with a crossbow is an experience of a different kind. Crossbow sport offers many possibilities and a correspondingly wide selection of crossbow models. Whether hunting holidays abroad, training or medieval events in original clothes - here at BSW-Archery you are sure to find the right crossbow for your needs. Browse through our large selection of renowned brand manufacturers and you will also become a hit crossbow shooter.

What kind of crossbows are available?

If you have already dealt with the topic of the crossbow, you will certainly have noticed that the individual models can be distinguished in their technique and design. Some crossbows are smaller than the others, the other models have rollers at the ends of the limbs. We want to bring some light into the dark. If you want to buy a crossbow at BSW-Archery, you will sooner or later inevitably get into the situation to deal with the different designs. We help you with the decision. There are the following various versions of a crossbow:

The Compound crossbows

Compound crossbow at a glance
  • Very precise hit pattern
  • Simple clamping procedure thanks to compound technology
  • Wide range of models

Have you decided to buy a compound crossbow? Or maybe you are just about to find out about this special model of a crossbow? In both cases you are exactly in the right place at BSW-Archery. In addition to a large range of compound crossbows, we also offer you an extensive purchase advice.

What's a compound crossbow?

The Compound Crossbow is a high-end sports equipment, which convinces with a fancy and futuristic optic as well as with impressive characteristics. With this combination, the Compound Crossbow quickly became the first choice for beginners and professionals respectively. So if you are looking for a model that convinces with its precision and easy clamping, we recommend you to buy a compound crossbow.

But how exactly does the compound crossbow work?

The many components on the compound crossbow can quickly overwhelm the beginner here and there. Of course, this is no surprise. Where do you have the possibility to get in contact with such devices in everyday life? Gathering your first experience with a crossbow becomes a real challenge.

If you take a closer look at the Compound Crossbow, you will certainly immediately notice the characteristic rolls at the ends of the limbs. These are the so-called cams. These cams are connected once with the string and additionally with a cable, which is hung in the opposite limbs. At the time of clamping a pulley effect is caused by the interaction of the individual components, which facilitates the clamping process considerably. The Compound crossbow thus manages to achieve comparable performance of a Recurve crossbow of the same speed with considerably less draw weight.

The Recurve crossbow

The Recurve crossbow at a glance
  • Very robust design
  • Lower acquisition costs by comparison
  • Cost-effective maintenance

Apart from the futuristic and modern design of a compound crossbow, the Recurve one look quite simple at first glance and thus have a more traditional character. The Recurve crossbow works without the use of cables, cams and the resulting effect of a pulley. These models only focus on the most basic components.

How does the Recurve crossbow function?

In the front area of the recurve crossbow there is a riser to which the so-called limbs are attached. Depending on the model, it can be a pair of limbs or a single limb. The ends of these limbs are connected with a string. Since the string is shorter than the distance between the two limbs, the crossbow is under a permanent basic tension.

When the crossbow is tensioned, the limbs are further loaded until the string is finally secured by a lock at the rear of the crossbow. The energy is then safely stored until it is released via the trigger.

The advantages of a Recurve crossbows

Many newcomers to crossbow sports come to the decision so quickly that the performance of the Recurve crossbow cannot compete with that of a compound crossbow. How can such a simple construction of the Recurve crossobw compete with that of a highly complex compound technique? Please don't be fooled by this simple functionality. Both recurve and compound crossbows achieve almost identical performance values. Of course, the recurve models are more difficult to stretch than compound crossbows. This is due to the lack of compound technology, which causes a pulley effect.

The Recurve crossbow shows its advantages in other important areas. The simple and robust technology allows the use even under bad weather conditions in the outdoor area, without having to fight with possible malfunctions. There are no cams available that can quickly damage or bend the crossbow when handled rough. Dirt and dirt have only few possibilities to hide behind various guides. The non-existent cables represent a further renunciation of unnecessary wearing parts. The costs of possible repairs or maintenance are thus reduced to a minimum.

Crossbow purchase consultant

As you can see, the Recurve crossbows also bring a great package of benefits. Now you have to find out which characteristics are important for you to find the right crossbow. For this we offer you an extensive crossbow purchase advisor.

The hunting crossbows

If you are looking for a hunting crossbow, you can basically take a closer look at approx. 90% of all crossbows available at BSW-Archery. You are wondering why most of these crossbows fall into the category of hunting crossbows? This is quite quick and easy to explain. Because the original use of a crossbow can be found in hunting. All full-fledged crossbows are designed for hunting. So it is no wonder that the big manufacturers of hunting crossbows like Excalibur, Barnett or Tenpoint can be found in Canada or the USA. Because here the crossbows are used not only sporty, but also practically for hunting. Only the light beginner and LARP crossbows as well as the compact pistol crossbows can be excluded here.

But not only the big and well-known manufacturers can impress with convincing hunting crossbows. In this case you should have a closer look at the X-BOW brand. The X-BOW hunting crossbows convince both the beginner with a fair price and the advanced crossbow shooter with impressive performances.

May I hunt with a crossbow?

As we have already learned, the main focus of a crossbow is clearly on the hunt. In many countries it is also possible without further problems to use the hunting crossbow for the actual purpose. Among other things this is possible in the USA or Canada.