Compound bows-sets

Packages for beginners and professionals - at BSW-Archery

Every archer needs the right equipment to shoot as many rings as possible. We recommend a compound bow set for beginners from our range so that you can start your first training well equipped. It contains everything you need for the beginning: bow, arrow rest, visor, nocking point, loop, release, peep and aluminium arrows. With this equipment, you can confidently stand up to the line and shoot the first arrows.

If you are already an advanced shooter, higher quality compound bows in our online shop are the right choice. Available as a professional set, you can specify directly when ordering which draw length, which draw weight and which colour your new bow should have.

From quiver to stabilizer: order practical compound bow set online

In addition to the basic equipment for the bow, you should take care of other accessories for a progressive training success.

Compound bows, for example, can be offered with an add-on quiver, which offers space for up to six arrows and is screwed directly to the bow. So you always have your arrows quickly at hand. If you want to dampen noises and vibrations when lowering the arrow, we recommend a compound bow set with mono stabilizer. Use a bow sling in combination with the stabilizer so that the bow doesn't jump out of your hand when you shoot and your arrow finds the right way to the target.

Compound bow sets for archery clubs - the perfect basic equipment

Robust targets are essential for bow training. Our sets are especially suitable for clubs. This set consists of the target face, edition, target nails and target stand and additionally offers shooter accessories such as side quiver, armguard and bow stand. This means that new shooters can be equipped for their first training sessions - before they devote themselves more intensively to sport and purchase their own equipment.

Of course, we also offer our compound bow set as a variant for hunters. The visor, arrow rest and stabiliser can be attached to the bow in dark colours and as matt as possible so that the success of the hunt is not frustrated by eye-catching accessories.

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