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What age can children learn archery?

Approximate minimum age of ten years is usually indicated for the first attempts with a children's bow. For some children, even at the age of eight, their development may allow them to concentrate on archery and to learn and imitate the movements. Anyway, many bow-loving children have their bow and arrow intuitively in their blood, they shoot without thinking about it and feel as if they are riding next to the tribal chief through the prairie. The BEIER Tjal children's bow is perfect for the very first attempts with the bow: With its 40" bow length and rattan construction, this model is an ideal companion for playful shooting before the correct practice begins.

Children's bows - before the first shot

Before entering the world of archery, children and beginners, in particular, must familiarise themselves with the most important regulations and observe the safety rules in order to avoid injuries.

The most important rule:

Sicherheit beim Schießen

Even if they are not affected by the weapons law, we do not treat bows and arrows like toys. That is why we never direct them at other people, not as a joke, not out of anger and not out of boredom. No matter how sure you are that nothing will happen. Moreover, the pointed arrows are not only dangerous when they are docked. So we always use a bag or sleeve for transport and we don't run around with an arrow in our hand. Actually, it's the same as with cutlery: You only take it out of the kitchen to eat and then you put it away again. Really? If we point at people (which is usually quite rude) we would of course never do it with an arrow or a bow! It is better to call people by their names and not to hold your bow and arrow points in front of anyone's face.

Choosing the right children's and youth bows for the first competitions

Most children's bows and youth bows are recurve and longbows, which are available in various sizes and with different draw weights. One of the classics is the RAGIM Wildcat Kid. The wooden bow which can be dismantled into 3 pieces with fine wood lamination and glass fibre reinforced limbs is available in 48" bow length and with different draw strengths depending on the age of the little archers.

A powerful longbow that could also be used in the first competitions is the Bearpaw Sioux with a handy size of 54" (137 cm bow length). Archery tournaments are open to children as young as eleven or twelve, depending on the age of the youngest competition class. For the first successes in youth, for example, the Recurve Bow Bear Slayer is ideal. Made of ash wood, this youth bow has the curved limb ends typical for recurve bows, with which a higher degree of efficiency can be built up. Find out more about the various sets including arrows and other accessories as well as the high-quality compound bows for teenagers at BSW-Archery.

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