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With supportive clicker - essential for successful archers

The clicker usually does not play a role for archery novices, but with increasing training success it becomes more and more important. It supports an even draw so that with every shot the nearly same force is transferred from the bow to the arrow. Why is this necessary? Especially during training and outdoor competition, distances of more than 60 m or 80 m have to be achieved. At these distances, even the smallest discrepancies are clearly noticeable in the hit pattern. In order to avoid this and to shoot as many rings as possible, you should, therefore, use a clicker on the bow for distances of 50 m and more.

Determine the correct draw length thanks to the clicker

Clickers are used exclusively for recurve bows, as they are not necessary for compound bows and are not permitted for blank bows according to competition rules. Depending on the construction and form of your bow, you can attach the clicker directly to the middle section or externally to the sighting arm. In our shop, you can choose between various methods, e.g. models with double-sided adhesive pads or screw connections.

How does this accessory work in detail?

As you prepare for the shot, place your arrow on the arrow rest as usual, then clamp it between the clicker and the handle of the bow and put the arrow on the nock. Now you can tension the bow. As soon as the correct draw length is reached, the clicker hits the bow and makes the typical 'click' sound at this moment you release the string.

Order clicker online - at BSW-Archery

An extensive range of clickers for left- and right-hand users as well as models which can be installed on both sides. If you normally shoot with very long arrows, a clicker angle plate is recommended. This shortens the draw length span to the necessary length and you can still use the clicker for your bow without any problems.

In addition, you can choose between products with or without magnet. The advantage of a magnetic clicker is that it prevents vibrations during firing and prevents the clicker blade from jumping back. Regardless of which model you choose, the most important requirement for a clicker is that it must never change its position.


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