Bow sets

Archery has always been a fascinating sport. As one of the oldest hunting weapons, arrows and bows played an important role in the history of mankind for a long time. Today, archery is a precision sport and has been an integral part of the Olympic Games since 1972. The handling of arrows and bows requires a maximum of concentration, accuracy and assertiveness as well as equipment which must be optimally adapted to the shooter. With an archery set, you can start directly with archery because such a set already contains all the equipment and accessories you need for sports. No matter if you are a beginner or already trained with bow and arrow: At you will find a large selection of bow sets for every taste and preference.

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The bows you find in our bow sets

Recurve bow or compound bow: You know best which bow is right for you. Therefore we offer you in our online shop both bow sets with a recurve bow and with a compound bow.

Basically, there are three types of bows in archery:

  • Longbows
  • Recurve bows
  • Compound bows

The longbow is the traditional bow, which undergoes further evolution in the recurve bow. These models have the ends of the limbs bent forward. This bend, the so-called recurve, gives the bow greater pulling force. At first glance, a compound bow looks more like a high-tech machine. Thanks to the special design, the amount of force required to shoot the arrows is considerably reduced with compound bows.

Who is a bow set suitable for?

Our bow sets are suitable for all those who are just starting out in archery as well as for advanced shooters. For beginners, we also offer special bows in the category beginner bows, which are oriented to the needs of beginners. However, if you are just starting out in archery, you will also make a good choice with a set of bows, because with a set of bows you will not only have arrow and bow but also the necessary accessories for archery. Especially since beginners often don't even know which accessories are particularly suitable for them. For this reason, a bow set is also ideal for children who occasionally want to shoot a few arrows with a bow in their home garden. But also advanced shooters will find in our offer a set corresponding to their preferences.

What is included in a bow set?

In addition to the obligatory bow (here you will find in our offer both bow sets with a recurve bow and with a compound bow) our sets contain extensive accessories for archery. These usually include arrows and instructions so that you can start shooting directly without any prior experience. In addition, the sets already include parts of the protective equipment such as an armguard, because safety has top priority in archery.