Buy a bow at BSW-Archery

Which sports bow suits you best?

Should it rather be a recurve bow that is used to shoot at targets in the Olympic discipline? Or a classic longbow that will take you on a journey through time and make you feel like one of the historic archers from the Vikings or the Middle Ages? There is a huge selection of various bow types from numerous manufacturers - and regardless of whether you are just getting into the sport or have already gained a lot of experience, you will find a bow at that suits you and your preferences.

Which bow to buy? The right bow for every archer!

Nowadays we know that recurve bows have been around for thousands of years - and modern versions of this practical yet classic bow design are still very popular with archers. A recurve bow is characterized by its bent back limbs, which allow a higher efficiency than a flat bow or a longbow. In addition to various models of athletic and traditional recurve bows, either as a set or individually, we also offer limbs and handles to fix your bow or build your very own. The Compound bow is a real high-tech candidate compared to the Recurve bow. Its construction with cams simplifies handling in every situation and requires less force than other bows. In addition, our compound bows are equipped with visors, stabilizers and arrow rest.

Back to the roots with longbow and horse bow

With a longbow or horse's bow, archery fans who value the classic exercise of the sport are particularly well equipped: a longbow as well as a short bow that is particularly useful for shooting from the horse. The main groups are Indian bows and Asian or Mongolian bows.

To this day, horse bows are still strongly based on the historical bow shapes and require a different handling than technically optimized, modern sports bows. Naturally for all bow types there is a versatile selection of various bows for different body sizes, for left or right-hand shooters and for your special requirements on your sports bow. In addition, many of our bows can be ordered as a set with shooting gloves, quiver for the arrows, arrow rest and other accessories. So you are perfectly equipped for the next course or tournament in one shot. You can also find special bows and bow sets for the little archers and their first attempts at the target under Children & Youth.

Important rules to follow after buying a bow

Although a bow is not considered a weapon according to the German Weapons Act, similar care should be exercised when handling arrows and bows.

Below are a few basic rules for the use of bows and arrows:

  • Never point a bow nor arrow at a person!
  • The target, as well as the immediate area in front of or behind, should be free of persons!
  • The Backstop net does not provide sufficient protection for persons!
  • Never pull arrows between commands, only after a given command! Never stand behind a shooter who pulls his arrows out of the bull's eye.
  • All shooters should shoot from the same straight line as you, never from different distances!
  • Never put yourself in the shooting range of a shooter!
  • Never shoot an arrow into the air aimlessly, the trajectory cannot be predetermined.
  • Never put an arrow in the bow and raise the bow until shooting is planned.
  • Never release a string without an arrow (dry fire).
  • Always verify material before use! Never shoot with damaged or defective material!
  • Wear appropriate clothes that do not hinder the scheduled execution of a shot.
  • Never shoot with arrows that are too short or too long.
  • Children should never shoot without adult supervision.