Although we try to list all relevant warranties in our respective product descriptions, this information can sometimes get lost or overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so here again in all clarity.
With all our warranty data it is to be noted that we do not only pass on warranties of our various manufacturers 1 to 1 to our customers, but also take care of the warranty handling. Of course, the same applies to our various own brands.

Like other product lines, archery also has a wide variety of warranty periods. These differ mainly via the manufacturer. Here we want to bring some light into the dark and give you an overview of the various warranty periods.

Warranties by brand

Garantiebedingungen Bearpaw

Warranty condition


Garantiebedingungen Bodnik Bows

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Garantiebedingungen Jackalope

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Garantiebedingungen Beier

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BEIER Distribution

Garantiebedingungen Ragim

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Garantiebedingungen Drake Elite

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Although we try to list all relevant warranties in our respective product descriptions, this information can sometimes get lost or overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so here again with clarity.

Please note that with all our warranty information, we do not only pass on warranties from our various manufacturers 1 to 1 to our customers, but also take care of warranty processing. Of course, the same applies to our various exclusive brands.

Warranty conditions - BSW additional warranty for bows

§ 1 General

  1. The additional warranty of BogenSportWelt is a dependent warranty and can only be concluded in connection with a purchase contract for a bow, in which the additional warranty can be selected in the online shop. The guarantor is the BSW Handels GmbH in 17389 Anklam, Germany. (hereinafter referred to as guarantor).

  2. Warrantee can be only a natural person, who concludes a legal transaction for purposes, which can be added predominantly neither their commercial nor their independent vocational activity (consumer). 

  3.       .   Only the first purchaser of the bow purchased from the guarantor can be the sole holder of the warranty. The additional warranty is not transferable.

  4. Claims arising from the additional warranty can only be asserted for bows purchased and located in the Federal Republic of Germany. Benefits from the additional warranty can only be claimed in Germany.

  5. For the assertion of warranty claims only these warranty conditions apply. Any agreements to the contrary shall only apply with the express written consent of the guarantor.

§ 2 Legal liability for material defects

  1. Claims arising from the statutory liability for material defects shall apply in addition to the additional warranty and shall not be affected by this.

  2. Services rendered within the scope of the additional warranty do not constitute an acknowledgement of claims within the scope of the statutory warranty.

§ 3 Beginning and end of the additional warranty

  1. The warranty period begins with the delivery of the sheet and payment of the warranty price.

  2.  The warranty period is four years.

  3. The warranty period ends prematurely if the guarantor takes back the bow according to § 5 (2).

§ 4 Content of the additional warranty

  1. The guarantor guarantees the purchased bow against breakage or delamination (case of warranty).

  2. The additional warranty expressly does not cover the purchased bow:

    1. Attachments
    2. Damage caused by improper handling or improper use of the bow, e.g. due to an empty shot and incorrect settings on the bow.
    3. Damage caused by water, fire, force majeure, improper storage, inadequate care or other reasons beyond the control of the warranty e.g. twisted limbs.
  3. Regular maintenance and repair or the replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, especially with typical wearing parts such as tendons, limbs or nocking points, are also not covered by the warranty.

§ 5 Warranty services

  1. In the event of a warranty claim, the defective bow or component will be repaired free of charge by the guarantor.

  2. If the repair of the bow or its components is actually impossible or uneconomical, it is at the discretion of the guarantor to make an exchange bow available to the policyholder instead of repairing the bow or its components. The replacement is carried out by a new bow of the same type, quality and equipment. As a replacement bow, a technically at least equivalent bow of other series or manufacturers can also be handed over. Alternatively, it is at the discretion of the guarantor to fulfil his obligation under the additional guarantee by repaying 100% of the sales price. Repayment will be made step by step against the return of the defective bow.

  3. The additional warranty does not include any liability for consequential damages.

  4. With the assertion of warranty claims, the policyholder assigns to the guarantor any other claims against third parties with regard to the specific defect present.

§ 6 Registration of warranty claims

  1. The registration of warranty claims takes place via the contact address given in the warranty certificate.

  2. When registering warranty claims, the policyholder must present the original proof of purchase.

  3. The repair is carried out at the guarantor's place of business, if necessary, at the manufacturer of the bow. The warranty holder must return the bow to the service department of the guarantor. The return is free of charge for the warrantee if the return possibilities provided in the return portal in the online shop of the guarantor are used. Any other return must be borne by the Warrantee and is not refundable.

  4. If the defect to be repaired is not a warranty case and if the policyholder could have recognised this, he shall bear all costs incurred by the inspection, in particular, shipping costs incurred.

§ 7 Right of revocation

The additional warranty is part of the purchase contract of the purchased bow. If there is a right of revocation with regard to the purchase contract on which the additional warranty is based and if the policyholder exercises this right of revocation, the additional warranty will also lapse without requiring any further explanation.

§ 8 Data protection

The warrantor points out to the warrantee that the personal data collected in the course of processing a warranty claim will only be collected, processed and used in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) for the purpose of processing the obligations arising from the additional warranty. For the aforementioned purposes, personal data may be transmitted and processed by commissioned and carefully selected partners in accordance with § 11 BDSG within the framework of order data processing. After the storage purpose has been achieved, personal data will be deleted in accordance with data protection regulations.

§ 9 Partial invalidity

Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. This shall not apply if adherence to the contract would represent an unreasonable hardship for one of the parties.

Bearpaw Products' warranty covers a period of 2 years.
Bodnik Bows' warranty covers a period of 30 years.
JACKALOPE Archery warranty covers a period of 30 years (excluding JACKALOPE children's bows and JACKALOPE Zircon).
Beier Distribution's warranty terms are 30 years warranty + 70 years goodwill.
Ragim's warranty conditions cover a period of 2 years.
Drake Elite's warranty terms cover a period of 10 years.