Bow stringer

For gentle pulling the bow stringer of the bow

Those who love archery treat their equipment well and maintain it regularly. Proper use also includes correct stringing a bow to avoid damage of the material and injuries. It is recommended to use a bow stringer when placing the string on the bow.

Bow stringers are available in various designs, materials and from various manufacturers. Whether booties, little hat or straps, nylon or leather variants, the use is similar for all. With bow stringers, longbows, horse bows and recurve bows can be tensioned in a material-friendly and energy-saving way.

There are universal tensioning cords which can be used for both recurve and longbows, but there are also variants specially adapted to the type of bow. Which one you choose is not important, but it is important to use it. The bow string is an auxiliary tool and belongs to every archery equipment. It is space-saving and weighs almost nothing. A bow stringer can find a place in every bag, backpack or even in the quiver and should become such a faithful companion.

BSW-Archery recommends the use of a bow stringer for your bow so that you can enjoy it for a long time. If the limbs are distorted by a wrong way of tensioning, only a new purchase will help. Our bow stringer Recurve-& Longbow 1 from elToro could have prevented this from happening.

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