Sleeves & bags

Any archer, regardless of whether he is training with traditional longbows or professional sports bows, needs it: a high-quality storage solution to protect his beloved bow. Depending on the type of bow, there are different storage requirements. Compound bows are only securely stored in a compound bag or in a compound case, and the matching Recurve bags and cases are also produced for recurve bows. But the question remains: bow case or bow bag?

Both bow cases and bow bags have obvious advantages and disadvantages. A bow bag is lighter and more flexible than a bow case. It is more comfortable to handle and comfortable to carry. On the other hand, a slightly heavier bow case with a hard case scores points for its high protection factor even in rain, falls and blows. The decision between bow bag and bow case should, therefore, be made according to the purpose of use and aspects such as transport duration so a suitcase on wheels can shorten a longer transport route for you a lot. Also, a look at the manufacturer brands helps to estimate the quality of the bags and suitcases.

Bow bags from Allen, Cartel and elToro

We offer you light and flexible bow bags for every requirement, including the following brands:


  • Solid entry-level models
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Bow bags in a simple and sporty design
  • Many colour variations


  • Based in South Korea, exports to over 50 countries worldwide
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Bow bags in classic design

Allen Company

  • One of the largest suppliers of hunting, sporting weapons and archery equipment from Broomfield, Colorado
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Bow bags combine high design demands with the best quality
  • Specialized in recurve bow bags and compound bow bags

The German companies Bearpaw and Beier produce high-quality bow bags for traditional archers, while the young company Aurora is more in the recurve and compound sports sector. In addition, the Plano and SKB brands, which are leading in the field of bow cases, also produce solid bow bags.

Bow case from Negrini, Plano and SKB

Once you have decided on a more stable bow case, it is worth comparing the quality products of brand manufacturers such as Plano, Negrini and SKB.



  • Leading manufacturer of storage solutions for outdoor equipment
  • High-quality cases for bow and rifle
  • Bow case adapted for professional use
  • Suitable for sport shooters and hunters


  • Principle: special safety of the equipment in every situation
  • Bow case with a secure storage system and fastening options
  • Uncompromising quality and unsurpassed durability
  • Most models have rollers to ease transport


  • 100% "made in Italy"
  • Principle: optimal transport boxes and cases for hobby and passion
  • Professional cases for bows, weapons and more
  • Simple design in black or grey
  • Additional clamps for indoor bows and equipment

Sleeves, backpacks and belt pouches for archery

We also have bow rucksacks from manufacturers such as elToro, Aurora and Fivics for the storage and safe transport of bows, arrows and accessories. These offer as much protection as a conventional bow bag and in addition a high wearing comfort. Naturally, you will also find other protective items and storage solutions for your long and recurve bows or compound bows, such as bow sleeves and bow stands. We have the matching arrow boxes and quivers, optionally with or without arrow tubes, for your arrows. Useful accessories such as arrow puller, replacement nocks or replacement points can be easily stored in a handy belt bag in the field and the hallway.