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Aside from archery for sporting pleasure, bow hunting is practised worldwide by passionate hunters. As it requires a lot of practice to shoot with a bow, the danger of painful woad shots by inexperienced hunters is much higher than with conventional hunters.

Custom-fit hunting arrows for bow hunting - you should pay attention to that

In principle, all types of wild animals that can be hunted with the rifle in a manner that is appropriate for animal and forest protection can also be hunted with the bow. This includes red deer, wild boar, small animals and some large game. Bow hunting is most frequently carried out from the hide. Assuming a lot of experience and the right environment, a stalking hunt is also possible with the bow. The most important accessory besides the hunting bow are the arrows.

Their sharpness and special blade shapes clearly distinguish them from sporty archery and they consist of at least two cutting edges. The most important characteristics of qualitative broadheads are their integrity, e.g. they must not deform during impact, as well as the possibility of re-sharpening. In our online shop you will find a large selection of arrow points with two or more blades as well as adhesive or screw mounting.

Bow fishing: the alternative to classical bow hunting on land

But bow hunting is not only possible on land - it is also possible to hunt fish. Archery is particularly suitable for shallow waters such as shallow rivers, ponds or beaches. The shooter stands one to four metres away from the prey and shoots the arrow - similar to a harpoon - directly into the water. A special rod cord is usually attached to the arrow in advance in order to comfortably pull the fish ashore. The arrows for bow hunting in the water are either single-pointed or shaped like a trident with barbs. We can provide you with the right equipment for every hunting trip: from broadheads to camouflage clothing and rangefinders to night vision equipment.

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