Compound bows from BEAR Archery

Ethical and precise: Compound bow from Bear Archery

Bear Archery has been following a promise for 80 years made to itself and its customers: the Recurve and Compound Bows should meet the highest expectations, everyone who shoots a Compound bow should be able to recognize immediately, I am shooting with a bow from Bear Archery. Bear Archery also emphasizes an ethical way of hunting that kills the prey quickly and cleanly. Even if it is only a target on the training ground.#### 

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Fred Bears Legacy

The "Bear Tribe" was founded by the legendary archer Fred Bear, who became a specialist in bow making in his own work and built up his own company within a few years. Bear Archery has since followed in his footsteps to develop and manufacture high class bows with maximum precision and power. The brand offers not only compound bows, but also recurve bows for adults as well as children and teenagers.

Compound bows by Bear Archery in a set

The Fred Bear Archery compound bow Cruzer Lite in the RTH set is our absolute bestseller of this brand. This is probably also because of its extremely high flexibility, with which it adjusts perfectly to every archer. In addition, the RTH combination provides all the necessary extras to get started with your high-tech sports equipment immediately. The Attitude also convinces many archers with its combination of speed, precision and style. Like all Bear Archery bows, it is equipped with the latest product designer developments and is characterized by its lightness and agility.