Crossbows from BARNETT

Shooting with confidence

BSW-Archery offers a large selection of bows for your sports. Whether horse bows, longbows, compound bows or recurve bows - every shooter will find them here. However, you can achieve particularly precise results with a crossbow. This crossbow offers an extremely high hit rate in training and hunting and enables you to achieve quick results. Models of the Barnett brand are very popular with crossbow shooters and play at the top of the crossbow league. The crossbows, which are available as Recurve, Compound or Compound with Reverse Draw, guarantee the shooter incomparable precision and great handling.

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Thanks to various draw weights and top speeds of up to 449 km/h, you are guaranteed to find a crossbow that is the ideal companion for your specific needs. At, as the German trade fair support and Europe's main dealer of Barnett, the purchase of spare parts from the spare string to the smallest bolt is permanently secured. You will also find all new Barnett models first in our online shop. Take your time to browse through our Barnett range and convince yourself of high-quality technology that always hits the bull's eye.

Barnett crossbows - innovative precision

We offer a wide range of Barnett crossbows, most of which are compound crossbows with a very high penetrating power. Compared to recurve crossbows, the compound models offer a much higher performance with less effort. The bolt achieves a higher speed, which can be over 400 km/h. The speed of the bolt can be increased by more than 400 km/h. Therefore, the bolt can be used for a higher speed. With additional accessories such as scopes or rope cocking device, you can improve your performance even further and experience a completely new shooting feeling. Thanks to the materials used, such as aluminium and carbon, Barnett crossbows are particularly light and comfortable to use. The Carbon Lite Riser developed by Barnett significantly reduces the top load in contrast to magnesium risers. Another highlight from Barnett is its Reverse Draw System, which generates significantly less noise and vibration. The center of gravity has been shifted to the shooter, reducing the top load even further and offering you a quieter handling that allows for maximum precision.

Barnett - tradition and quality

Barnett crossbow represents the highest quality from a tradition-conscious company that is passionate about crossbows. For more than half a century, Barnett has been developing new technologies and creating more powerful and precise crossbow solutions. Barnett has been revolutionizing the crossbow market for years, convincing with ever lighter, faster and more stylish sports equipment made of high-quality materials for a wide range of requirements and securing its global market leadership. Barnett models combine lightness, strength and adaptability, making them the perfect choice for sport shooters, recreational shooters and hunters as well. With decades of experience, a love of innovation and the fun of shooting, Barnett delivers great crossbows that will convince you without a doubt.