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A compound bow for all needs

Fast, precise and light - this is the hallmark of a Barnett compound bow from the US manufacturer of the same name. The company offers consistently high quality for its children's, youth and adult bows at a reasonable price. As a beginner, for example, choose a Vortex Series model whose draw power can be individually varied between 19 and 45 lbs even without a bow press. Ideally, you should have your Barnett compound bow assembled and adjusted by us before delivery. Simply enter the necessary data and we will do the rest. This service is of course also available for other bows and can be booked directly in the shop. So you start immediately with the first training session.

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Sport, hunting and archery - Barnett compound bows are extremely versatile

Originally developed as a hunting bow, a modern Barnett compound bow can not only be used for hunting red deer or small animals, but also as pure sports equipment for competitions. The slender design is perfect for beginners as well as children and teenagers who are not yet familiar with the strength required for archery. Browse and discover your personal favourite in a practical set with arrows, quiver, visor and arrow rest.

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