Aluminium arrows

Precision over extreme distances

The USA is undoubtedly regarded as the country of origin of modern archery. Dane Hans Oersted invented the aluminium material in 1939. In the same year James Easton began developing arrow shafts made of aluminium in the USA. Two years later Larry Hughes won the American National Archery Championship. A good 44 years after Easton's aluminium arrow development, carbon as shaft material conquered the arrow market. Both types of arrows are highly valued by modern sports bow shooters today. Even traditional shooters like to use the high-tech arrows in traditional design. Aluminium is a very light and smooth material. With the matching fletching a light aluminium arrow has an excellent hit pattern over extremely long distances. The aluminium arrow is the first choice for experienced tournament shooters.

Aluminium arrows - at BSW-Archery

With the fletching, you have the choice between natural feathers or fletching made of plastic. At BSW-Archery you will find a large selection of high-quality aluminium arrows from renowned manufacturers such as EASTON and SPHERE for the sports bow, the recurve and the compound bow.

On request, BSW-Archery offers an individual handmade complete arrow, e.g. the AtmoSPHERE.006, an absolute insider tip with an excellent price-performance ratio. With guaranteed straightness of 0.006", the AtmoSPHERE already offers the necessary precision that every shooter needs. The arrow length, the arrowhead weight and the fletching are freely selectable.

Strength and weight - Two characteristics of the aluminium arrow

The diameter of the arrow and the wall strength of the aluminium tube determine the two central characteristics of the aluminium arrow. Light arrows fly on, but bend more easily. In bow hunting, heavier aluminium arrows are used for short distances.

A four-digit number indicates the outside diameter and wall strength on the aluminium arrow shaft. For example, in "2016" the "20" stands for the outer diameter in 64ths of an inch, the "16" for the wall strength in 1000ths of an inch. As a rule, arrow manufacturers offer shaft selection tables which are sorted according to specific purposes (e.g. 3-D, field, target, leisure). These tables do not indicate the spin value but recommend the appropriate shaft based on bow type, effective draw weight, arrow length, point weight as well as use of the shaft.

Aluminium is a light metal that does not bend when exposed to moisture. The aluminium arrow is suitable for all types of sports bows, recurve and compound bows. An aluminium arrow is not recommended for novices, because the light arrow reacts sensitively to bending when hitting hard targets and this happens relatively quickly to the inexperienced archer if he misses the target. You should also be careful when pulling the arrow out of the target because with the wrong technique the inexperienced archer can cause damage to the arrows. A bent arrow does not fly well, so for beginners, a durable carbon arrow is recommended.