Report a mistake now & win a shop voucher.
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Report a mistake now & win a shop voucher.

New Shop - help us troubleshoot & win a 50,-€ gift voucher


In the past months, we have put a lot of effort and time into the new online presence. Optically and technically a lot has changed to present you a modern shop, which presents our huge product selection appealingly and allows you a happy shopping.


We have tested all tools & countless articles extensively before the launch. But unfortunately, some small mistakes have crept into one or the other article. Please help us to track them down & eradicate them and become a "Sherlock Shopper"!


Did you stumble across a bug or a faulty article? The ordering process didn't run smoothly? Please contact us via our ticket system with a short description of the problem and a link to the article or shop page. We are really happy about every hint! As a thank -you, we raffle among all Sherlock shoppers a goods voucher of 50,-€ per month