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Various models

Finding the right arrows for your bow isn't always easy. Various factors such as draw length and weight play as much a role as the distance to the target and the personal shooting style. If you haven't had any experience in archery before, you should consult a professional adviser first. But even experienced shooters don't always know which shaft to choose for their arrows.

Arrow shafts

Here you will find a large selection of models: carbon shafts, wooden shafts, fibreglass shafts and mixed forms such as aluminium-carbon shafts can be found in a wide range of lengths and colours. For long-distance arrows, for example, particularly thin carbon versions are recommended, for short-distance arrows, aluminium shaft is also sufficient.

Arrow shafts made of flexible aluminium-carbon

Aluminium and carbon shafts merge the best characteristics of both materials and are some of the highest quality arrow bases. The light aluminium in combination with extremely stable carbon fibres is often used by competitive shooters, as these shafts are less sensitive to wind than conventional carbon shafts and still remain undestroyable.

As a professional shooter, bet on this perfectly balanced material mix and buy your EASTON shafts directly from us in our online shop. We are happy to advise you on the various basic materials and the perfect arrow for your specific needs.

Fibreglass or wooden shafts? You should pay attention to the following with arrow shafts

If you are a longbow archer, you should take the recommendation of the German Field Bow Sports Association e.V. (DFBV) only use wooden shafts for shooting and feather them with natural feathers for tournaments. All other shooters are better off using modern materials such as aluminium or fibreglass shafts. The clear disadvantage of a wooden arrow is its vulnerability to changes in temperature and humidity.

Particularly recurve and compound bow shooters, who practice the sport intensively, work with a precise fine-tuning that conventional wooden shafts cannot achieve. However, despite the wide range of materials available, an arrow shaft should match the bow and shooter in terms of length and spine value.

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