STRONGHOLD Foam Target SWITCH up to 60 lbs (60-120x20 cm)

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Category: Bow Targets

Weather-resistant foam discs from Stronghold Targets Made in Germany
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STRONGHOLD foam disc SWITCH with the interchangeable system and exchangeable centre

- Made in Germany -

The Switch series was developed for use under the heaviest loads for bows up to 60lbs. The discs consist of the proven SHTF300. The individual 10cm thick layers are welded with individual 2cm thick layers. The stop layer between the layers guarantees high damping and protects the material.
The alternating centre is even more hard-wearing due to the connection of SHTF200/400/700 and thus offers a reliable and arrow-friendly stopping effect even with high draw weights. The arrows are soft and easy to pull out.


The patented, innovative 3CXS exchange system allows the targets to be serviced in a budget-friendly way: individual worn layers can be easily exchanged. Due to the additional exchangeable centre, the Switch series guarantees enormous stopping power and extreme durability.

- suitable for bows with a draw weight up to approx. 60lbs
- light as a feather and insensitive to wind and weather
- soft and easy pulling out of the arrows
- Patented interchangeable system and replaceable centre for longer durability

Available sizes/weights:

60x60x20cm / 2,5kg
80x80x20cm / 4,5kg
100x100x20cm / 7,0kg
120x120x20cm / 10,4kg

Material disc:

STRONGHOLD Target Foam SHTF 200/400/700

Material middle Ø 25cm - white:

Technologies: 5LSA + 3CXS + XCS  + 5LHSA

Important notice: The specification "up to 60lbs" refers to the shelling in the middle of the target with an aluminium arrow suitable for the respective draw weight of the test bow. For carbon arrows, which are usually thinner and faster,a certain margin upwards must be taken into account; the 60 lbs specification may then in certain circumstances no longer apply. The remaining disc material is suitable up to 45lbs, also under the above mentioned conditions.

Material of the target:
Shipping weight:
0,10 Kg
Comparison test

Test report on the comparative testing of two foam targets

No. 1 STRONGHOLD foam disc Switch up to 60lbs (60-120x20) Item No.: SH_SWITCH
No. 2 BEARPAW HP Super Strong Target with centre change Article-No.: w_r-with_centre_60128/60214
The discs were bombarded with
- Border longbow Griffon GL, 50lbs
- Martin Bamboo Viper longbow, 50lbs
- Super Magnum, Bear hunting curve, 50lbs

Carbon Arrow Goldtip 5/16
Carbon Arrow Aurel Orynx

18m to 35m

Test period:
Disc No. 1 from 14.07.2013 to 20.10.2013 98 days
Disc No. 2 from 21.10.2013 to 07.01.2014 70 days

The discs stood in the open air and were wrapped in stretch foil.
The targets were bombarded in principle daily 1 hour with passing 12 so that per hour 72 arrows resulted. For disc no. 1 this resulted in 7056 arrows in 98 days. For disk no. 2 there were 5040 arrows in 70 days.

After this time the change centres were so shot up that they had to be renewed. This means that they had fallen so far apart that they crumbled and the arrows were no longer properly braked (bullet holes). All used bows penetrated the foam material - the arrows penetrated to about ¼ of the length through the disc, which in my opinion does not disturb.
The two panes showed no damage from the bombardment outside the change centres. The arrows could be drawn comparably well in both discs.

The target No. 1 STRONGHOLD foam target Switch up to 60lbs could be used 28 days longer with a change centre with comparable bombardment and withstood approx. 2000 arrows more than the target No. 2. With both targets in principle, only the change centres were destroyed. In my opinion, the disc body can still be used for a long time.

Siegurd R. Tesmer, SV 1990 "Greif" Greifswald

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