SPIGARELLI Arrow Fletcher #1 -Fletching Jig

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Fletching Jig From SPIGARELLI
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SPIGARELLI Arrow Fletcher #1 - Fletching Device

Precisely working and robust metal construction with straight feather clamp for easy feathering of arrows.
The clamp is 6 inch long and is held to the device by a magnet. The magnet itself is adjustable and allows the springs to be glued in an oblique position. The arrow for feathering lies diagonally in the device.

Suitable for 3-fold, 4-fold or 5-fold feathering.

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Test report

Customers tested various feathering machines for us - here a comparison test between the BOHNING Big Jig and the SPIGARELLI Arrow Fletcher #1:

  Bohning Big Jig Spigarelli Arrow Fletcher #1
Material: plastic Metal
feather length to be processed: max. 4" max. 6"
Features: 2 various inserts for feathering, 1° to the right or 3° to the right, feathers or vanes.  1 feather clamp with adjusting screw for fletching, also for an inclined position of the feathers.
  Appropriate for 3,4 and 5 times fletching. Appropriate for 3,4 and 5 times fletching.

During the test, both devices were used simultaneously.
The arrow is inserted with the nock into one of the two devices. While with the Bohning device the feather is put on one of the two different inserts, with the Spigarelli feathering device one has to put the feather or vane into a retaining clip. For both test devices, the feather is coated with adhesive and glued to the arrow in the desired position.

With the Spigarelli device, the already glued feather with the clamp has to be attached to the intended magnet a little tediously and, in my opinion, awkwardly - without slipping. With the Bohning Big Jig it is much easier. The painted spring is led into the insert, then this insert is put on the Bohning device, ready. After the adhesive has been applied, the insert is lifted and the spring is firmly glued to the arrow. After a turn of the setting wheel, all three feathers can be mounted effortlessly and neatly one after the other.

The Spigarelli feathering device is a bit more complicated here. The arrow is inserted into the recess provided for this purpose and also inserted into the setting wheel with the cam. As already mentioned at the beginning it is not easy to attach the feather to the arrow when it is painted with glue. Likewise, handling the clamp, which has to be attached to the magnet, is not easy because it constantly slips. The setting wheel with the attached notch for the cam is more cumbersome to turn than the one on the Bohning Big Jig feathering machine. It is also even smaller on the Spigarelli Arrow Fletcher #1.

I clearly prefer the Bohning Big Jig feathering machine. It is easier to handle and faster to process feathers or vanes, which can also be attached very precisely to the arrow.

An overview of all test results can be found here: Test report

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