Discover now our offers for crossbows and pistol crossbows
Discover now our offers for crossbows and pistol crossbows

Fancy a crossbow?

A crossbow is not so different from a bow. In principle, it is a bow mounted on a horizontal shaft. In other countries, crossbows are mainly used as a popular hunting tool. Hunting with bows and crossbows is not yet permitted in Germany. But a crossbow, no matter whether as a recurve crossbow or in the compound version, offers many opportunities in the recreational area. Thanks to their high speeds, they provide a lot of fun.

SPECIAL! Shooting service INCLUSIVE!
Hammer crossbow in special package! Shooting service included

Crossbow for newcomers

As a newcomer, of course, you are spoilt for choice. And the wide range of products and services on offer can even beat a newcomer to death. That's why we've put together a few specials: always with a high-quality crossbow that can really score in terms of value for money. And something that all our packages have in common: The crossbows arrive at your door top shot in. Our crossbow specialists shoot the crossbow here on-site with your bolts at 30m. So you can start right away at home. The crossbow is pre-assembled and perfectly adjusted. We offer this service for an extra charge for all crossbows in our product range. With our specials this service is of course included, so you can save 50€. Some packages also include the matching bolts and a rope cocking aid for you at a preferential price.

We recommend a rope cocking aid for each crossbow as an essential accessory. You will also need a suitable target, also called a damper. Your bolts and also your targets will last longer with a suitable backstop. For the hunting feeling and even more fun we recommend the Stronghold target pads best in the complete package, then everything is included from realistic animal shots to original targets to monsters and zombies.

Or would you prefer a pistol crossbow?

Handy, compact and light, but not boring at all: this is a pistol crossbow. Pistol crossbows are perfect for recreational fun or to get a taste of the complex world of crossbows. And with our specially tailored packages, you not only save money, but you also have the most important components at your fingertips.

A pistol crossbow is usually shot with short aluminium or plastic bolts. However, you can also shoot many models with other types of loads. In addition to the classic bolts, you can also use a steel ball function. In this case, you equip the magazine with up to 20 x 6 mm steel balls. The draw weight of a common pistol crossbow is between 50 and 80 lbs, but some exceptions also bring it to 150 lbs, so that the bolts of these crossbows can overcome a distance of 80 meters. In addition to the flexible use of crossbow bolts or steel balls, the pistol crossbow with its low weight offers another decisive advantage. The processing from fibreglass, plastic and aluminium ensures that an ordinary pistol crossbow often weighs only 1kg.