JACKALOPE - Amber - 54 inches - 20-45 lbs - Horsebow

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JACKALOPE - Amber - 54 inches - 20-45 lbs - Horsebow
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JACKALOPE - Amber - 54" - 20-45 lbs - Horse Bow

Do you love modern bows in traditional design? Then the JACKALOPE Amber is exactly what you are looking for! An exclusive horse bow whose limbs in noble black perfectly complete the handle in warm brown and earth tones. Its eponym, the amber, is one of the oldest gemstones and healing stones in the world. It is an energetic protective stone that strengthens confidence and vitality. Its warm fire leads back to your own handle and supports you in energy-sapping situations. The perfect name for a perfect traditional bow.

The JACKALOPE Amber is a modern horse bow that reinterprets tradition. Its handle and the limbs, for example, are made of natural Amazoque wood, dark American black walnut and modern Mycarta, an innovative material in which several layers of wood have been processed into a highly stable compound. The African Amazoque, with its distinct and very decorative grain, gives the handle a natural, warm appearance. In contrast, the dark wood of the American black walnut and the highly stable Mycarta, which provides stability as an intermediate layer and minimises hand shocks. The handle is kept very slim and suitable for both right- and left-handed shooters. The limbs are perhaps the most conspicuous of the whole bow because their form is as unusual as it is breathtaking. They are much stronger and more massive than other horse or recurve bows and yet look very filigree and elegant. They give the bow something very special. The limbs themselves are made of spiderwood and black glass.

Horse bows - agile and fast

The horse bow was originally developed in Asia. The best-known peoples are the Huns and Mongols, who have used this archetype of bow manufactured over centuries. The horse bows were, as the name suggests, designed and perfected for shooting from horses. When riding, the space on the horse is limited and the mounted warrior had to remain agile in order to survive or to hunt successfully. In contrast to the typical Western European bows, such as the English longbow, horse bows do not consist of a single piece but are usually composed of several parts. Thus wood was used, which was glued and reinforced with horn, strings and bones to build a strongly reflex bow, which is short enough to shoot from the horse and which could guarantee long pull-outs and fast arrow speeds.

This almost perfect bow spread worldwide in the course of history and other peoples also developed their horse bows, which did not differ significantly in their basic function, but each represented its own variants. In Europe, it is above all the Magyars (Hungarians) who enjoy an excellent reputation as riders, archers and bowmakers and who form the horse bow and the shooting of horses.

JACKALOPE - The new brand in archery

Modern, high-quality materials and the simple elegance of archery. - This is JACKALOPE, the new, innovative brand in archery. High quality processed and manufactured in Germany and Europe, Jackalope stands for a whole range of beautifully crafted long, recurve and hybrid bows, as well as various protective goods and accessories.

With JACKALOPE you will find everything you need for this sport. Its sophisticated design is not only limited to the bows, but is also pursued in all accessory articles. Where else, you can choose your accessories and colour matching the bow? Only with Jackalope!

As an expression of confidence in its own craftsmanship, the JACKALOPE brand offers a 30-year guarantee on all its registered bows. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of the quality of JACKALOPE.


Technical Data:


Bow length

Draw weight
(selectable in 5 lbs steps)

Brace height

Draw length

Arrow Weight
(per lbs Draw Weight)


String (Tips)



- Amber -
horse bow


20 - 45 lbs



(min. 7gr)

black glass

(Fast Flight fit)


approx. 480g

Handle: Amazoque, American. Black walnut, Mycarta
Limbs: spiderwood with black glass


Delivery include:
1 x Bow with string


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