The entry into archery 

Archery is a fascinating sport, but at the start, it can also be very, almost too, complex. Novices are sometimes overwhelmed by the abundance of possibilities. In order to give novices a quick and successful start, we have put together some complete sets. Starting with a recurve bow with string and set nocking point over protective goods like armguard and finger tab up to a quiver filled with arrows perfectly tuned to bow and shooter everything is there what is needed for a successful start.

Naturally, it is highly recommended to participate in one of our bow courses for novices. Our trainers take a lot of time for the instruction of the prospective shooters. But even without a course, you can easily get a start with our sets. On our YouTube channel, we have many tutorials and instruction videos and each bow set comes with a high-quality manual explaining everything: from assembling and tensioning the bow to the correct position and releasing the arrow. This makes the introduction to archery a breeze even for beginners.