The law and regulations on crossbows & broadheads varying by the country and if they are treated as firearms, other archery weapon or by the purpose of use of a crossbow. Various classifications, licenses, legal jurisdictions sometimes differ by the countries and by the countries´ regions may influence the purchase decisions.  Moreover, various countries prohibit and regulate the sale and possession of crossbows & broadheads by under the age of 18, therefore, we are carrying the proof of age check (sale to 18+ only) prior to the purchase of various products limited by the age proof check. Crossbows & broadheads in various countries must meet different regulated conditions for transportation, carried out in such a way that they are not available for immediate use. Additionally, various countries require using the licensed shooting ranges for crossbows.

Therefore, we request you to verify the law and regulations of the country you are residing and planning to use the crossbow & broadheads in before making the purchase decision.

We disclaim any liability for immediate or indirect damage of any nature that may result from the information on this page.

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