GmbH Handels provides leading archery shopping experience for hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. We opened our brick and mortar shop in 2006 with the promise to deliver exceptional and friendly service for archery enthusiasts. The same year we started our online shop.

Bringing together the international brands portfolio from all over the world under one roof and our own iconic brands: eLTORO, JACKALOPE, DRAKE, STRONGHOLD, we follow our passion to provide latest and the best products for our valuable customers. Our archery passionate staff offer immediate assistance.

Now, we decided to extend our services to our European customers. Offering proudly archery products & broadly available at highest quality make us the biggest archery merchandiser in Europe.

We follow the latest trends and offer customized products based on our experience gained during archery tournament we participate in.

We take care of sustainability grow and support local communities. We make sure that transport from our manufacturers to the final customer is well organized and thoughtful in order to minimize our footprint and save the natural environment.  We care about our product certification e.g. our cow leather used for bow gloves is certificated to keep our promise to reduce the impact on the environment.

We want children, adult, and everyone who loves outdoor activities to start archery and enjoy their time together using our products depending on their interest whether it is recurve bow, longbow and other types of bow we are here to support our clients on the right decision to meet their archery sports challenges.