ATTRATEC No5 BHT Pure Bait for Boars and Deer

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ATTRATEC No5 BHT Pur Attractant Black & Deer

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ATTATTRATEC No4 BHT Fluid Attractant Black & Deer 1kg

Quality beech wood tar for year-round use on wallow and painting tree

- Easy to use without tools
- Liquid even at low temperatures
- Clean during transport and storage
- Complete product removal (>99%)

Disadvantages of conventional beechwood tarring machines

Beechwood tar is a well-known lure for wild boar and red deer. In addition to the desired attracting effect, however, conventional beechwood tar has many undesirable disadvantages. One main disadvantage is its sticky, viscous consistency, which increases considerably in winter and makes its use considerably more difficult. The viscosity of conventional beechwood tar leads to the fact that skin and clothing can become soiled very quickly when it is spread. Beechwood tar canisters or used brushes very often dirty the car.

The know-how behind AttraTec No 4 BHT Fluid

AttraTec No 4 BHT Fluid does not have these disadvantages. The main component is quality beech wood tar, which ensures a good attracting effect and is formulated in such a way that it remains liquid all year round, even at low temperatures. Application is simplified and the risk of soiling is drastically reduced.

Simple and clean application all year round

By cutting off the upper end of the dosing tip, a nozzle of approx. 1 mm diameter is obtained. This nozzle allows AttraTec No 4 BHT Fluid to be applied cleanly, quickly, easily and purposefully to a painting tree. It is best to apply horizontal stripes, from which a film forms relatively quickly after the product has flowed, which is accepted by wild boars. And this even at low temperatures, e.g. in winter, shortly before the temperatures rise again. Because then wild boars like to go to Suhlen.

If a drop should ever reach the shoulder of the bottle, it can simply be wiped off. Clean storage and transport are guaranteed by the screw cap. This holds even with a fall from a height of 2 meters on a firm underground.

AttraTec No 4 BHT Fluid is formulated in such a way that more than 99% of the contents can be removed. If you want an even stronger attracting effect, we recommend our top product AttraTec No 1 Suhlengold.

Please observe the state hunting law applicable to your area.

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