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Archery - a fascinating sport for the whole family

Archery is a sport for the whole family, young and old, big and small. Children can start practicing this sport from the age of 8, and archery does not assume an upper age limit. For this reason, Bsw-archery.eu also offers a wide range of bow models for all ages. We also have something for the youngest shooters in our assortment.

What bows are available at BSW-Archery?

What kind of bow should it be? The choice of bow models is as varied as archery. For each type of shooting, whether it's traditional horse shooting or sport bow and FITA shooting, you have at least one bow model to choose from. The different types of bow can be roughly divided as follows:

The selection of the bow model depends, of course, on the preferences of the shooter. The 3-piece recurve bows (Take Down bows) are particularly suitable for beginner archers. They can be removed to the handle and two arms. The advantages of recurve bows are:

  • easy transport, space saving
  • the ability to change the limbs of the bow, so that the bow will be used by the archer at many phases of his development during training

You can naturally start your adventure with archery using a different bow model. Once you have made your bow choice, you need to take another important step.

Finding the right bow for archery - draw weight, length of the hand and bow length

In order for the shooter and his bow to form a unity and for the goals to be achieved, the bow should be optimally adapted to future shooter. For this reason it is not advisable to choose one bow for the whole family (parents and children). When selecting the bow correctly, the silhouette of the future shooter plays an important role. The length of the bow and the strength of the tension must be adjusted to the shooter and, of course, to the hand of the shooter. Anyone who saves on materials quickly ends his adventure with archery. Archery is very labour-intensive, so it is worth taking the opportunity to consult with our service team in order to find a good introduction to archery. Together we will find the right bow for every budget. It does not always have to be the best of the best. Even for a small amount of money you can buy a start bow. You can already buy a large starting arch for a small amount of money. For example, a 3-piece Wild Honey Recurve bow with a large starter kit can be purchased for less than 100 €.

Accessories for archery at BSW-Archery

As varied as archery is, there is a wide range of archery accessories. Because of the wide range of products, it is not easy to find the right one. The first place should be given to the protection of the shooter. For this purpose, a number of protective clothing have been developed for archers. Regardless of the need, it is up to the shooter to decide whether to use forearm and handguard when shooting.

  • Handguards (gloves, finger tabs, No-Glove Set)
  • Armguard (long or short, athletic or traditional)
  • Chestguard

But also the material should be protected in the best possible way in order to enjoy it for a long time. Accessories to protect the equipment:

Other accessories usually depend on the chosen method of shooting. Once you have decided on the sport shooting, the shooter has various accessories to choose from:

Comprehensive archery accessories, no matter which method you use:

  • Quivers (side quiver, back quiver or bow quiver) 
  • Archery targets (foam or straw targets, 3D targets) 
  • Arrows (wooden arrows, fibreglass arrows, aluminium arrows or carbon arrows) 

Once you have completed the archery accessories, you are ready to shoot with the bow. The best solution is to attend a bow course, to learn the basics and techniques. Because when errors creep in, they are usually difficult to correct. Developing a good shooting technique is the first step in achieving the satisfaction of shooting and enjoying archery.

A few facts about archery from BSW-Archery 

When did archery start? Archery did not begin as a sport but is one of the oldest forms of hunting of mankind. Before archery became a sport, bows and arrows took the historical place of war weapons/distance weapons in history. Arrows and bows have been used for at least 14,000 years. This can be dated on the basis of arrowheads found. Further evidence can be found in the form of cave paintings and original finds, such as the oldest find of a flat bow from Holmegård (Denmark). What is archery? It's nothing more than shooting another one with a stretched stick? Isn't it? Archery is so varied that everyone should enjoy it. Whether technically skilled or quite minimalist. Because of its different variants, archery offers everyone the possibility to practise this exciting sport. Archery is not only a sport but so much more:

  • in many countries still a variant of hunting (e.g prohibited in Germany)
  • a form of therapy for physical disabilities or
  • a relaxing sport for mind and soul

Archery is as versatile as the bow models are.

Is the bow a weapon?

No, bows and arrows are sport equipment and are not subject to any restrictions. Conscious and safe use should, however, be self-evident in order to avoid possible personal injury and material damage.